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    War Machine Volume 2.

    One of the new titles to debut under the Dark Reign banner following Marvel's 2008 Secret Invasion event, War Machine was launched by Greg Pak and Leonardo Manco as a gritty and violence series starring James Rhodes as War Machine taking global justice into his own hands. Though the series ended after twelve issues due to sales not being strong enough, it managed to complete its overall story of Rhodes' war against the corruption allowed by Norman Osborn.

    Plot Summary

    Having suffered injuries so terrible that his body has become more prosthetic than flesh, Jim Rhodes drafts his old friend and enemy Parnell Jacobs to serve as his personal mechanic while he goes rogue against Norman Osborn's new administration and the corruption allowed to flourish because of it. Along the way, he becomes favored as Ares' champion and pulls together a coalition of allies including Bethany Cabe, Cybermancer and American Eagle. Osborn puts him on trial for his actions in the end, but Rhodey turns the tables in one last strike against Osborn's corporate allies. This last play by Rhodey scores him not only a major blow to Osborn's administration but a new flesh and blood body.

    Collected Editions

    Translated into Spanish.


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