"War Machine" Speaks On "Iron Man 2"

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There has been a lot of hype surrounding the upcoming "Iron Man 2" film, and with good reason! After having been introduced to James Rhodes in the first " Iron Man" film, many fans quickly assumed that " War Machine's" character would be introduced into the story. Following the abundance of information that was released at San Diego Comic Con's "Iron Man 2" panel was also the confirmation that War Machine would in fact be a major character in the plot and story line of the upcoming film. MTV caught up with Don Cheadle, who will be playing the role and asked him about Rhode's character relationship with Tony Stark

"We kept asking ourselves: How does that play out with Tony Stark being an independent contractor doing what he wants to do, and Rhodes actually being in the military," he said. "There's a real chain of command he has to follow. What's the conflict that creates?"

Could this mean that we might be seeing some serious brawling action between "War Machine" and "Iron Man" on the big screen? Sounds exciting. What do you guys think?
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BOOYAH! cant wait
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War machine owns! 
I hope they make a spin off for him

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oh this just made my day!!

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@camodude said:
"BOOYAH! cant wait "
I second that 
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Cant watch as im not in the us or some shit, War Machine still Awesome though

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Great!  I like Don Cheadle but I am still adjusting to him as Rhodey but I can live with it.  LIke you stated if there are some battles between War Machine and Iron Man, it's all good. 
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God I must see this when it comes out.  I love War Machine so much.

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No Caption Provided
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@Breaker envoy of Setron said:
"War machine owns!    I hope they make a spin off for him "

I agree. People might say that he's not the big named attraction Iron Man is, and that is true. BUT, that doesn't mean he can't have a good story to tell, right?  
There are quite a few supporting characters in some books who have become fan favorites. Venom and War Machine are 2 examples. Wolverine's film helped bring Deadpool to the forefront of non-comic fans and is now getting his own spin-off. Venom is also supposedly being scripted right now. I say, with the hype and excitement War Machine is getting through Iron Man, why not give him a spin-off? Why not add him into the big Avengers universe Marvel Studios is putting together? It could add to the overall story. 
I don't know what the plans are for Iron Man 2 or anything else for that matter, but imagine Stark and Fury have a falling out in the Avengers film? What if Stark decides to really keep Iron Man to himself? Fury could then look to Rhodey, who is a military man, to turn War Machine into S.H.I.E.L.D.'s own personal Iron Man. He becomes WAR MACHINE: WEAPON OF S.H.I.E.L.D. (altering of course the comic book story of the same name). 
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Well, there was a hint in the first Iron Man movie. When Terrence Howard played Rhodes. There was the scene near the end of the first movie after Stark flies away to go and save Pepper. Howard as Rhodey looked over to Stark's second prototype and said, "next time".
I think a conflict between friends could be intriguing. I liked Terrence Howard in the role, but I've often enjoyed 
Don Cheadle movies. So, things could of been worse.
Ohhhh, cool picture.
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AWESOME.  I was a bit skeptical after they re-cast Rhodey, but the more I hear Cheadle talk about the movie, the more I buy into it.

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@CATMANEXE: Cool Picture
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Yea i saw him in the trailer for IM2. Looks bad freakin ass.. epic stuff.

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dont want war machine anywhere near the movie. stark in the armor is fine, but no cheadle i only want to focus on one armored hero
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...Oh please...please let it happen!

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@SUPER-MAN 23 said:
" @CATMANEXE: Cool Picture "
it was a press release photo that showed up on Olivia Munn's site.
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on the leaked trailer of Iron Man 2, you can see Rhodes putting the weapons for his armors then shooting to someone ... that might be Iron Man fist. They battle and united to face maybe whiplash
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still cool

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I-- love it !!

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Don Cheadle I hope you do better than Terrence Howard. ( Most likely will:)   
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Ya, I think it could be. I love it already. This movie looks like it might have a few surprises for fans and newcomers alike. We'll all be waiting. 
I like that they have the armor design down, with the Gatling and rocket launcher, and all.

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War Machine Needs His own Movie! I remeber reading the war machine series in the early 90s when I was a kid. Greta stuff.
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i always liked war machine more than iron man i dont know, the look, the guns, the color and he's a brother always kool lol

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