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War Machine’s first issue in his 1994 ongoing series! First on the agenda? War Machine must take on Eda Arul and the Advisor! Plus, revelations about James Rhodes, the man behind the armored suit.

Note: The following villains are shown as either part of a fantasy sequence or flashback but do not have an actual appearance in the book: Sabretooth, Demogoblin, the Vulture, Molecule Man, Kingpin, Absorbing Man, Red Skull, Magneto, Mysterio, Doctor Doom, Doctor Octopus, Green Goblin, the Leader, Toad, Juggernaut, Electro, Doppelganger, Rhino, Ultron, Living Laser, and Atom-Smasher.


While heading over to his girlfriend Rae LaCoste's house, James Rhodes daydreams of accomplishing great things as War Machine. He has to admit, however, that his life is pretty bland - even for a superhero. As he and Rae talk, James decides it is time for Rae to get to know him better. He tells her of his life in South Philadelphia where he got beat up plenty. He left town and became a mechanic before joining the Marines. Overseas, James had made and befriended Tony Stark and the two became partners at Stark Industries. When Tony apparently died, James took over the company (and became the War Machine). He quit upon finding out that Tony was alive and is now hounded by other executives looking to bring him aboard. Rae assures him that things will work out and then invites him to a dinner with renowned activist Vincent Cetewayo. James is more than happy to accept the invitation.

At the dinner, Mr. Cetewayo introduces James to the idea of a new organization bent on changing the world. James offers to make a donation, but it becomes readily apparent that this is an offer for yet another big organization job. James refuses and gets mad at Rae on the way home and end up walking most of the way.

In Imaya, President Eda Arul makes a speech against the United States and Vincent Cetewayo (a former outspoken citizen of Imaya). Behind closed doors, Arul plots with the Advisor about getting Cetewayo into the country. The Advisor sets in motion a plan to hijack Cetewayo's plane, which goes exactly as planned.

The news of Cetewayo's arrest spreads quickly and James gets a meeting with Nick Fury. James demands that Fury help out, but times are tough and Fury claims that he doesn't have the manpower to do the job right. James storms out and dons his War Machine suit and heads to Imaya.

In Switzerland, Cable monitors the situation in Imaya. The Professor alerts Cable to War Machine's presence and Cable quickly departs for Imaya.

In Imaya, War Machine makes light work of an Imayan air attack, but is too close to the last plane when he blows it up. He careens into the ground and slowly gets up to find Cable standing over him. Cable tries to talk James into leaving the country, but James refuses, as he does not think political discourse will keep Cetewayo alive. The two have a knock-down, drag-out fight that is only broken up by the arrival of Deathlok, who states that he is there to break Cetewayo out of prison.


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 Scans and summary can be viewed hereThe Good 41 pages of pure story! You really cant skip through modern comics without a million adds taking up all the space and ½ the overall pages for even more money than these older comics. The story felt very 90’s if you loved the 90’s The foil cover still looks lovely to this day! This issue gives us a bit of background on Rhodes and what was happening around this time with the iron man line of books. Continuity is followed in a great way, Cable step...

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