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    Final Horseman of Apocalypse.

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    Originally alive in Rome during the 200's, Decimus Furius was the son of a philosopher that had messages which corrupted children, according to the senate. This caused his father to commit suicide and his mother followed shortly after, leaving him penniless and homeless. While slowly starving to death in a alley, he transformed into his mutant self. The human civilians saw and attempted to kill him. He slaughtered dozens before being brought down. After years in prison, he was offered freedom, providing he achieve 'stature' in the arena. With his axe, he slaughtered every one who came against him. After this, he was worshipped as the dark god Minotaur. He was found as Apocalypse and Ozymandias. Apocalypse thought that the living embodiment of War deserved no less, and he became War in Apocalypse's Final Horsemen.

    War was the first Horseman to come in to contact with X-Force, he almost defeated the team but was taken down by Fantomex, who made him fall in love with Psylocke, causing him to explode because he had no room in his mind for thoughts like that. He was thought to be dead but turned up alive again and battled X-Force on the moon with the rest of the Horsemen, where they easily defeated the team. Taking Betsy captive, he waits till she is conscious, revealing that he really was in love with her and is torn between his War status and his love for her. This annoys Psylocke, who thinks that the misdirection worked too well. However she uses the situation to her advantage and flirts with War, eventually knocking him out.

    Powers and Abilities

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    War has the appearance of the legendary Minotaur, giving him super strength, endurance, and reflexes. He is also highly skilled in combat, having competed in the arena.

    His axe could contaminate with the cold thrist for war, possesing people with the most darkness feelings .


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