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This is the first War themed Comic book published.

The Scene on the cover does not take place in the comics

War Planes inside front. A listing the number of war planes held by America, England, France, Italy, Germany, Japan & Russia, with drawings of one from each country

Scoop Mason: War Correspondent by Alan Blane. 8 pages

Tripod Trio. Comedy bit about three goofball camera men in W.W. I, at the time in 1940 known only as The War. 2 Pages

Sky Hawk by Ralf Stone & Tom Hickey. Story of three new fighter pilots, China born Midshipman Storm Allen, Hot-headed Alabama boy Midshipman Lucky Land & ex-sailor Midshipman Buzz Magee and skirmishes in China with the Japanese their actions hampered by the fact that at the time the U.S. and Japan are not at war. The Sky Hawk of the title referring to the planes they fly. These 3, along with Scoop Mason would be the only strips to last for the whole of all 8 issues of War Comics / War Stories. 8 Pages

Tripod Trio another 2 pages

Scapa Flow: A news account of a incident during The War. 4 pages

Lieutenant Frank Luke - World War Ace by Roy Humphries 4 pages

Sikandur the Robot Master Oddball story about a European would be dictator who has invented intelligent robots that are always almost white hot and so sends one to America, disguised as a human (with shiny black eyes and heat waves rising above him at all times), to see how much havoc it can create, having wrecked a train it gets a hotel room to awake orders from Sikandur, but not before bumping into one of thee companions (either reporters or Dover Boy type collage lads, the story is a little unclear) who wonder who the overheated rude chap an follow him. Confronted him the robot who calls himself Mr. X5328B he almost roasts the boys until they swear serve Sikandur and air Mr. X5328B in the overthrow of America. Betting feet out of the hotel room the leader of the trio reveals that of course he was lying when he said they would help the robot, "Something tells me that was just a breeze compared to what's in store for us. says Bill. "I'm afraid you're Right , Bill. anyway We'll soon see” says the short guy of the trio. We however never find out what that will be as this continued story is the first and last time we see any of these characters. 7 pages

Television Torpedo. The story of scientific genius Sanabria, who it seems has invented not only wide screen color TV, but also the remote control predator drone missile with a television camera in the nose! First and last appearance of this character as well. 5 pages

Blockade by J. D. Wilkyey Two plucky lads deal with the Blockade of Sweden by Germany. 8 Pages

Tripod Trio Them again 2 pages

Danny Dash ... Globe Trotter by Erwin L. Hess 6 pages

Peace Raider By Arthur McCaffery see profile of Peace Raider 6 pages.

Tripod Trio Still more hi-jinx with these clowns 2 pages

Inside back page. Name the pilots that go with these four famous planes and win $25, plus rate the features in his comic.

Backpage: Submarine Strength at the outbreak of war. Showing how many submarines each country has as of 1940.



none of this issue.


none of this issue.


none of this issue.


none of this issue.


none of this issue.

Story Arcs

none of this issue.

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