War Chest

    Character » War Chest appears in 10 issues.

    War Chest was originally an adversary of the Dynamo 5 but she was later recruited and pardoned by the US Government

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    Lovers Spat
    Lovers Spat

    Rebecca Hurley was the girlfriend of one of the users of the Strong-Suit. She suspected him of infidelity and began pounding on him (knowing he could take it because of the suit). Dynamo 5 arrived to break up the lovers quarrel as it was trashing the city. Gage eventually used his telepathy to help convince Rebecca that someone else had worn the suit and that he had not cheated. The pair were arrested for the damage they caused but Rebecca was given a "Get out of jail free card" in exchange for joining Primaries, a team of heroes working directly for F.L.A.G., a special government agency.

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    The Primaries were first deployed when the offspring of Dominex arrived to challenge the heroes that defeated their father. The offspring of Captain Dynamo, Omni Man (Invincible), along side the children of the Savage Dragon were not up to the task, nor were the Primaries themselves. Only when Smasher, whose girlfriend was critically injured by one of the attackers, donned the Strong Suit (which amplified his already considerate super strength) returned was the situation resolved (he killed all 3 alien invaders).

    Gage saved Rebecca's life during the attack and the two have begun a clandestine sexual affair (one they have so far managed to hide).

    Powers & Abilities

    War Chest has shown the ability to handle fighting Supervision back when she had super-strength and if Supervision was strong enough to lift a tank (around 50 tons) and survive falling off a skyscraper, it would make sense War Chest is almost as strong.
    War Chest also survived jumping out of the top floor of a hotel that was at least ten stories (but most likely much higher).
    She has been shown to shrug off a hit from Strong-Suit and even sent Supervision flying with a hit.


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