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The War Boys were created as followers to Immortan Joe after he conquered the Citadel. To become a War Boy one must be hand picked by the guardians of the elevator; a selection based off of the health and strength of the individual. Certain members are born into the position; such as Rictus Erectus, a son of Immortan Joe.

The War Boys were first seen in the film Mad Max: Fury Road.


The creator of the War Boys is George Miller, director of the Mad Max films.

Team Evolution

The team was originally made up of ex-jar-heads and convicts who thrived on violence. They joined Immortan Joe as followers in order to survive in the treacherous wasteland, strength in numbers. After Immortan Joe gained a mythical reputation the group shifted from a band of raiders into a cult-like group of followers who believed Immortan Joe to be their god.

The known members of the War Boys are as follows:

  • Immortan Joe - The leader and creator of the War Boys.
  • Rictus Erectus - One of Immortan Joe's sons. He rides alongside Immortan Joe while on Fury Road.
  • Scrotus - One of Immortan Joe's sons. He was unseen during the events of Fury Road but is said to lead his own band of War Boys.
  • Nux - One of the younger members of the War Boys. He left the group during the events of Fury Road to join with Mad Max and Imperator Furiosa.
  • Slit - One of the younger members of the War Boys. He was a friend of Nux's and worked alongside him until Nux's betrayal.
  • Coma Doof Warrior - The Coma Doof Warrior is a member of the War Boys who provides morale boosting music during battle.
  • Imperator Furiosa - Furiosa was one of the Imperators in the War Boys, a higher ranking official. She was tasked with leading the War Rig to Bullet Town & Gas Town; however, she had her own mission and betrayed the War Boys.
  • Major Kalishnikov - One of the original members of Immortan Joe's band of raiders. He was promoted to the leader of Bullet Town
  • The People Eater - Originally a captive of the War Boys. He was promoted by Immortan Joe to become the Mayor of Gas Town.

Major Story Arcs

The Fall & Siege

On an ordinary Wednesday power around the world shut down and never turned back on, the reason for this is unknown. What ensured was a complete societal breakdown; in the midst of this a group was formed by a man named Joe Moore, a militant leader of colonel status. This group would eventually become the War Boys; however, before that they spent their time looting and pillaging the wastelands.

During one of their raids they encountered a man who told tale of a fortified location filled with water that would last several life times. Interested in learning the truth behind this, Joe Moore led his band of raiders to the coordinates given by their prisoner, what they found was the Citadel; a highly fortified base.

Attempts to secure the Citadel failed, this was due to high levels of security and weaponry held by the current inhabitants. In an attempt to learn the weaknesses of the Citadel the weaker members of the group were sent to attack; weeding out the weak from the strong. Eventually an attack plan was created in which one of the groups members, Tanaji, used his pet monitor lizard to scale the walls and attack the inhabitants; however, this plan failed.

During the chaos that ensued the group has lost side of their leader, nobody could locate Joe. The band of raiders were soon able to spot several bodies, members of their crew, hanging from a ledge. After three days passed they spotted another figure standing by the ledge, it was their leader, Joe, victorious.

The Citadel

Once Joe had conquered the Citadel he gained a new title, Immortan Joe. It was at this point in time that the band of raiders became cult-like worshippers, branding themselves the War Boys. Immortan Joe only accepted strong young men into his army, leaving the weak to fend for themselves like he did during the initial siege of the Citadel.

The group began farming food using the Citadel's water systems while simultaneously building themselves war machines out of scraps from old vehicles. They became skilled combatants and mechanics that would be feared in the line of battle.

Fury Road

The War Boys were seen chasing down Mad Max outside of the Citadel, due to their massive numbers and superior weaponry they were able to overwhelm and capture Max. They then held Max as a prisoner and began taking his vehicle apart to make modifications and upgrades on it for their own personal usage, Max then became a blood bag for one of the War Boys named Nux.

When Imperitor Furiosa betrayed Immortan Joe by helping his wives escape the War Boys were sent after her; however, their sheer numbers weren't enough to deal with the power of the war-rig, a vehicle originally belonging to them. In need of assistance they teamed up with the factions from Bullet Town and Gas Town.

While the War Boys were fierce and powerful they were unable to content with Furiosa and her team, especially after she joined up with Mad Max and an ex-War Boy, Nux. Many of the groups active members were killed along Fury Road, including their leader, Immortan Joe and the second in command, Rictus Erectus.

It is unknown what happened to the remaining War Boys after Furiosa took over the Citadel; however, it is assumed that they have been disbanded.


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