War Angel

    Character » War Angel appears in 19 issues.

    War Angel is a woman whose age has amassed to thousands of years. She has no conscience causing her to have a fierce anger and love for chaos.

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    Serenity was once one of the Seraphim, the highest known order of angels. She was an angel of love, light and fire. But for reasons unknown, she turned away from the path of light and embraced her own darkness. She became War Angel: a heartless, cold-hearted killer who shows little remorse or regard for life.

    She claims she was abused by her father and left for dead. As a result, she came to hate men and preferred women around her for comfort.


    War Angel was created by Brian Pulido after Avatar Press publisher William Christensen challenged him to come up with a truly over-the-top series. Pulido accepted the challenge and came up with the post-apocalyptic wasteland in which War Angel likes to stir trouble.

    Major Story Arcs

    Lost Souls

    The Seven Deadly Sins have gathered War Angel, Gatekeeper, Pandora, Lady Death, Satasha and Unholy to do their bidding. While the other women are controlled by one of the demons and ordered to steal magical objects, War Angel is controlled by Lust and ordered to steal the Demonography, a book with demon spells. After the Deadly Sins are defeated and returned to Pandora's Box, War Angel is unwilling to hand over the Demonography to Lady Death. To force her, Lady Death uses her sword to hack at War Angel's left arm, which holds the Demonography. The sword doesn't cut her, but turns her left arm into a flaming skeletal arm. Attacking Lady Death, War Angel is teleported away by Pandora to parts unknown.

    Powers & Abilities

    War Angel's left arm is a flaming skeletal arm. It seems she has superhuman strength in that arm. It's touch is very cold.

    She also has the ability to drain life essences from others into her. This kills her victims instantly.


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