Movie » Wanted released on June 27, 2008.

    Very loose adaption of Mark Millar's graphic novel

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    based very loosely on the comic.

    Wanted is loosely based on the comic written by Mark Millar and J.G Jones and when I say "loosely based" I mean very very very loosely based on the comic. When I heard about this movie coming out I decided I wanted to read the graphic novel it was based on before watching the actual movie and I gotta say that this movie is the worst adaption from comic to film because it has almost nothing to do with the comic, except the name and the names of a couple of the characters but the movie itself isn't an altogether fail. I gotta say that I am actually not a fan of the comic yes I can see the appeal of the writing and the story but it didn't really do it for me I guess, so when I finished this movie I felt I sorta liked the movie more than the comic, but that being said if you really want to enjoy this film do not think of it as a comic book movie just think of it as an action movie and thats how it worked for me. This movie is good on its own but not very good as an adaption of the comic.

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      First I have to say that I never read the comic Wanted by Mark Millar, and I'm betting that is I had, I'd like this movie even less... and there's not much room for this film to go down in my eyes.Angelina Jolie as eye candy cannot save this film about superhuman assassins that get their kill orders from a magic loom.I'm not kidding.In addition to the ridiculous premise that can't decide if it wants to be magic or technology, there are impossible coincidences - incredibly impossible coincidences...

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