Wanted #2

    Wanted » Wanted #2 - Fuck You released by Top Cow on February 2004.

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    The issue begins with Wesley deciding to give up his sucky life and join The Fraternity. He goes through intense training under the guidance of prominent members of the team. Among other things he had target practice with human bodies to get used to splintering bone and flying bits of flesh, he spent fourteen days killing animals by hand to desensitize him and he got his face beaten in for 5 weeks in order to get over the fear of getting punched. After that he went on a killing spree, first killing random people, then killing anyone who had ever bothered him in the past, old teachers, old bullies, old girlfriends, etc. Then he started raping celebrities and killing them for fun. All this was possible since The Fraternity basically runs the world and can get away with whatever they want. His last bit of revenge was killing the "semi-literate cholo fucks" who used to harass him and chopping his best friend to pieces for sleeping with his girlfriend. With his training complete, Wesley Gibson became The Killer and was made a full member of The Fraternity.

    At his induction ceremony he met Mr. Rictus, the man most of the other villains thought was behind Wesley's father's death. After he left, The Professor told The Killer about how they had taken over the world and rewrote reality to make everyone forget that there had ever been heroes. The issue closes with The Professor and The Killer looking at the only surviving evidence that there had ever been real heroes; a tattered red cape.



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    Well, F*** You, Too 0

    This is one of those comics where everything goes downhill after the first issue, and that's saying something, considering the first issue was utter garbage.Fredric Wertham, in his book Seduction of the Innocent, published in 1954, claimed that comics were a corrupting influence on youth that caused juvenile delinquency. His book proved to be incredibly influential, and led to the creation of the Comics Code Authority.Why do I mention this? Wertham believed comics were full of sex and violence. ...

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