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    The Wanderers are a super-hero team in the 31st Century that are not sanctioned by the United Planets. There have been two versions of this team and have been associated with the Legion of Super-Heroes as both allies and enemies.

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    The Wanderers was originally created by Jim Shooter and Win Mortimer as a group of allies to the Legion of Super-Heroes in Adventure Comics #375 in 1968. After the Crisis on Infinite Earths in 1985, the Wanderers were among those were heavily revamped and were updated and redesigned by Steve Dillion. The Wanderers first Post-Crisis appearance was in The Wanderers #1.


    The Original Wanderers

    "Adventurers In Space..."

    The Original Wanderers
    The Original Wanderers

    The Wanderers were one of the most famous and renowned superhero team from the 30th century, predating the formation of the Legion of Super-Heroes. A mysterious group of adventurers and heroes gathered by their leader, Celebrand; they earned a legendary and interstellar reputation for their exploits and their good deeds .

    Hearing of the Legion of Super-Heroes themselves, the Wanderers sent an invitation to meet on Asteroid 108 where the two groups became fast friends and they erected a monument in honor of an oath they made to each other; to always be allies if they fight in the name of the law. Shortly after their meeting, the Wanderers' spacecraft flew into an irradiated space cloud named the Nefar Nebula and its psychoactive radiation twisted their personalities, turning them into criminals and they went on a crime spree, culminating in stealing the Seven Stones of Alactos.

    The Legion soon learned of the theft from the Science Police and honoring their oath, the Legion hunted down each member of the Wanderers. Bouncing Boy was able to defeat Dartalg, Celebrand and Psyche; Chameleon Boy captured Ornitho; Karate Kid stopped Quantum Queen; and Superboy rounding up both Immorto and Elvo. The Wanderers were remanded into the custody of the Science Police and the effects of the Nefar Nebula wore off after two weeks. Upon recovering, the Wanderers would return as steadfast friends and valiant allies to the Legion.

    The Wanderers were invited to the marriage of Bouncing Boy and Duo Damsel. They also assisted the Legion of Super-Heroes during the Great Darkness Saga, when Darkseid tried to conquer the universe. The Wanderers were also in attendance of the Legion's anniversary ceremony known as Founder's Day.

    Several years later, the Wanderers vanished into the depths of space and despite attempts by many to find the stalwart band of heroes, even by the Legion of Super-Heroes; they all failed to locate the missing champions.

    The Wanderers possessed a small group of permanent members which included:

    • Celebrand: The Leader of the Wanderers who also lacked any superhuman powers, he made up with a keen tactical mind and a skillful master of a ray gun.
    • Dartalg: The youthful Dartalg is a master marksman with dart projectiles and carries a blowgun on his person along with specially modified darts including anesthetic, explosive, and poisonous ones.
    • Elvo: A master swordsman who wielded his own energy blade.
    • Immorto: The immortal member of the Wanderers due to a mysterious force within his body that instantly rejuvenates his body whenever he is killed.
    • Ornitho: Born with a pair of feathered wings growing from his shoulder blades that enable him to fly and hover in midair, Ornitho also possesses the power to shapeshift his body into any known avian species.
    • Psyche: The Mistress of Emotions who possesses powerful psychic powers that enables her to influence the emotions of others around her.
    • Quantum Queen: Possessing the power of transform her body into any form of quantum radiation; she could fly at the speed of light and discharge intense energy bursts as well as become invulnerable when in her energy form.

    Post-Crisis Wanderers

    "Life After Death"

    The Wanderers (post-Crisis clones)
    The Wanderers (post-Crisis clones)

    It was ultimately discovered that the Wanderers were murdered in their own spacecraft by strange alien creatures and their bodies were subsequently discovered by Clonus, a Controller who had also been tracking these alien creatures.

    Deciding to use the Wanderers to defeat this menace, Clonus cloned the deceased Wanderers, thus restoring them to life. However Clonus also realized that as the Wanderers had been defeated the last time they confronted these entities; he also modified and upgraded their genetics in order to augment and improve their abilities.

    However, Celebrand's clone proved nonviable due to damage he had sustained and instead, Clonus implanted a small fragment of Celebrand's DNA into Immorto in the hopes that another cloning attempt would succeed.

    Upon awakening, the confused Wanderers decided to solve the mystery of their death along with the changes that many of them had undergone as a result of their rebirth. As a consequence, four of them chose to embrace a new identity to go with these changes with Immorto adopted the name of Re-Animage; Dartlag became Dartalon; Ornitho assumed the identity of Aviax; and Elvo took the name of Elvar.

    After a few adventures during this time, the Wanderers discovered that the creatures responsible for their deaths were actually the degenerated "children" of Clonus and an unfortunate byproduct of his earlier and flawed cloning process.

    Successfully solving the mystery of their deaths, the Wanderers would become official agents for the United Planets for a time before solving the problem with Celebrand's failed clones. Shortly afterwards, the whole team disappeared into space once more. At present, their current whereabouts are unknown.

    Earth-Prime "Threeboot"

    Mekt Ranzz
    Mekt Ranzz

    In the latest reboot of the Legion continuity, the Wanderers was a black ops group gathered by the United Planets to allow them to conduct covert, unsanctioned, and morally questionable missions. After Mekt Ranzz suffered the accident along with his siblings that bestowed upon him with his lightning casting powers, he was recruited to secretly serve as a member of this group. On their final mission, the Wanderers were sent to combat secret Dominator terrorist cells on other planets.

    However it ended spectacularly in failure with Mekt as the sole survivor of the group. The Wanderers were immediately disavowed by the United Planets due to a pre-existing nonaggression pact between the Dominators and the United Planets. Embittered, Mekt decided to recreate the Wanderers composing of outcasts, rebels, and other discontented individuals at the United Planets.

    The Wanders subsequently came into conflict with the Legion of Super-Heroes as Mekt chose to recruit a number of individuals that the Legion had apprehended and imprisoned such as Jeyra Entinn and Micro Lass. Mekt also sought to subvert a number of Legionnaires to his band of rebels such as Karate Kid, Star Boy, Ultra Boy, Mon El, and his sister Light Lass whom he believed possessed a more militaristic and antagonistic attitude that was more suitable for warriors and soldiers in a coming war against the Dominators .

    Dominator War!
    Dominator War!

    When the war broke out, the Wanderers were forced to ally themselves with their rivals, the Legion of Super-Heroes; often presenting a dissenting and hostile attitude towards the United Planets and a much more lethal approach to combat against the Dominators. The Dominator War abruptly came to a conclusion when Cosmic Boy sent Mon El to detonate a bomb that imploded the Dominator homeworld Elia, apparently sacrificing his life to destroy the Dominator threat once and for all.

    In secret, the implosion bomb was a smokescreen for a Phantom Zone Projector that literally cast the entire planet and its inhabitants into the ghostly otherdimension prison of the Phantom Zone, trapping them along with Mon El. Only a number of core Legionnaires such as Cosmic Boy, Brainiac 5, Phantom Girl, and Dream Boy were aware of the deception.

    The United Planets were horrified at this act of genocide and sought to apprehend Cosmic Boy and put him in trial for war crimes. Subsequently, evidence was discovered that led the United Planets to believe that Mekt Ranzz had actually formulated the idea of destroying the Dominator's homeworld and had secretly arranged for Jeyra Entinn to mentally implant the suggestion in Cosmic Boy. Unknown to all but a select few, this evidence was actually doctored by Brainiac 5 who had orchestrated events to have Mekt arrested as he was far too charismatic and a polarizing individual who would have forced a splintering of the Legion.

    Upon news of Mekt's arrest, the drafted Legionnaires returned to the Legion while the remaining Wanderers promptly vanished, apparently having foreseen their "betrayal" at the hands of the United Planets and the Legion. Afterward, a few members wonder if the Wanderers have dedicated themselves to forming a "Legion of Super-Villains" and are preparing to retaliate against the Legion.

    Legion of Three Worlds' New Wanderers

    At the end of the Legion of Three Worlds saga, were the three versions of the Legion (Original/Retroboot, post-Zero Hour/Earth-247 and threeboot/Earth Prime) meet to defeat Superboy Prime and the Time Trapper, the post-Zero Hour Legionnaries choose to explore the timestream/multiverse in search of his own home, leaving behind members XS and Gates. They choose this moment to call themselves as the New Wanderers.

    New 52: Captain Comet's Wanderers.

    Captain Comet and the Wanderers
    Captain Comet and the Wanderers

    A newer version of the Wanderers debuted when Captain Comet returned just in time to help Superman against the evil Lord Vyndktvx. He didn't return alone; with him came a group of four characters, all of them evolved beings like him or "neo sapiens" (advanced evolved versions of other alien species, same as Comet as an evolved human or "nutant"). These new Wanderers strongly resemble the originals, but differences are present. Some of them have shown mixed characteristics and all of them apparently have some grade of telepathy.

    After helping Superman, Comet and the Wanderers returned to space in search of new neo sapiens.

    This new Wanderers include:

    • Adam Blake, Captain Comet, leader.
    • Photine, a glowing woman who could be a rebooted Quantum Queen and has also apparently resurrection powers, which she uses on Krypto.
    • Elvith, from Assasin's World. The name suggests she is a female version of Elvo.
    • A unnamed Xudarian warrior who looks like a mix of Elvar and Ornitho.
    • Quiller, a newer, more monstrous version of Dartalon.
    • An evolved version of professor Erik Drekken, a Superman enemy joined them as a radiant intellect and this way avoid further conflict.

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