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    Character » Walter Declun appears in 33 issues.

    The former CEO of Damage Control who sold Nitro the MGH he was hopped up on when he exploded in Stamford, thus igniting Marvel's Civil War.

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    Walter was the CEO of Damage Control. He tried finding new ways in making the company more succesfull and did not shy away from controversial, sometimes even illegal activities.


    Walter Declun was created by Marc Guggenheim and Humberto Ramos and first appeared in Wolverine Volume 3 issue 43 (2006).

    Major Story Arcs

    Responsibility for the Civil War

    He was the one who sold Nitro the MGH he was hopped up on when he exploded in Stamford, thus igniting Marvel's Civil War. He was presumed deceased after a battle with Wolverine (who stabbed him through the eyes).

    Walter Declun returns

    In Amazing Spider-Man Annual, Walter Declun appears alive and well. He denied dying (saying that his presence was proof). He claims that his 'battle' with Wolverine left him requiring extensive reconstructive surgery, including cybernetic eye implants in both eyes.

    Declun had been expanding his corporate empire in media, developing, and technological endeavors, but was corrupt and using unethical means. A scientist named Nick Chernin working for him developed a neurotoxin that caused temporary blindness. Declun (who had begun using the name Mogul in his criminal enterprises) made a deal with him where Chernin would be paid to steal cash that would go to Declun. Chernin did so as the super-villain Blindside, using the neurotoxin, called the Oedipus Toxin. Chernin was able to give the toxin by touch when in a specially-built costume. Eventually, Blindside was arrested. Spider-Man knew Declun was involved, but could not prove anything.

    He currently is Doctor Doom's chief of operations & is assisting him in going to war with the Black Panther & in stealing all of the Vibranium within Wakanda during Doomwar.

    Powers and Abilities

    As one time chairperson of Damage Control Inc. Declun had access to a great many stores of leftover technologies utilized by a great many hero/villain clash hot zones. Even after losing his status as CEO of the premiere cleanup crew company, he'd proved an avid businessman capable of using what little capital he had left in order to build upon his own marketing campaign in publishing and research programs. While also going into business as an underworld refitting consultant, making lots of money in the field of either the augmentation or selling of superpowers to criminals and terrorists on the Black Market. Even going so far as testing some of his bolstering procedures on himself in order to confirm product efficiency, and for fun.


    Ever since his initial encounter with Wolverine, Walter Delcun underwent some heavy reconstructive surgery in order to restore his optical efficiency. Having cybernetic reconstructive implants grated to his eye sockets replacing the ones that Logan gouged out.

    As he came into his own as The Broker however. Delcun went the extra mile of augmenting his body with further robotization, adding extra mechanical features to his arms and other areas of his body.

    His tinkering with his own cybernetic components have given him a great many tech based abilities, most of which are currently unknown. One of them happens to be an unknown range teleportation projector with which he can warp himself or excess passengers along for the ride to any destination he see's fit. Similar to Cables bodysliding techniques through various future technological A.I. programs.

    Genetic Augmentation

    While an initial baseline homo sapiens, Mogul had underwent extensive biophysical alteration using many of the procured technologies and genetic editing techniques belonging to various super powered types Damage Control often picked up after. Initially he'd only enhanced his strength and durability via regular intake of MGH in order to battle the like of wolverine.

    After a time both before and during the Doomwar event. Walter admitted to further experimenting on himself, giving his body pre-set eugenic alterations akin to a daily mutant growth hormone fix on a regular basis.

    Skills & Equipment

    Business Sense

    Walter is a shrewd, cunning and rather unscrupulous suit archetype. Who has a keen understanding of big business and sales; going onto buying out various media outlets such as real estate, pharmaceuticals, newspapers and a radio station in order to open up his own biotech companies. Such as Declun International, Hellerman Exports, even going into market as Doom's financial advisor overseeing a great many of his vast interests and resources.

    Genius Intelligence

    Before and after his decent into industrial larceny, Walter Delcun is considered by many to be of a vast acumen. Even by Wakandan standards, as was noted by Shuri's P.R.I.D.E. tech specialist N'Iix. Walter being well adjusted to technicle engineering as advanced as Atlantean or Wakandan craft. Having enough technical know how and biochemical ingenuity to both improve the ability performance of several superhumans through a combination of retro-engineered, cybernetic and mutation enhancements. Or even bestow superpowers onto himself and others for his own profit.

    Vast Resources

    Broker has access to millions in collected metapowered goods from both sides of the law. Interests which he converted and eventually grew to trade in billions worth to other shady parties all over the world. While many items of interest he would rework into new perishable wears he could sell to criminal cells willing to pay his price, others he would keep for his own personal use for protection and the spirit of fun. Items which include:

    Oedipus - A high grade neurotoxin which causes temporary blindness within the host. Declun loaned this bioweapon to the employee who created it for him; who took the supervillain name Blindside whom would use it to rob banks then streamline his stolen cash to him in return.

    MGH - One of many bits of illicit contraband in Declun's inventory. Often selling it to the right bidder at a reasonable price, or using it on himself to gain some kind of edge in the superhuman community. Having sold such lethal goods to the Nitro, inadvertently causing the Civil War in order to increase property damage, and for Damage Control's workload and profits. Using the aftermath of its fallout to better proliferate it's production line.

    Wakandan Targeting Microchips - Firing mechanisms circuitry developed by Wakanda to increase pulse laser firing accuracy, procured from Desturi dissidents and implemented in Starktech designed air suits utilized by armored assassins called Cybernaughts in his employ.

    Starktech Pulse Cannon - Technology cobbled from the superhuman Civil War and the Secret Invasion by the Skrull Empire. Older model repuslor tech weapons procured by Damage Control then modified for usage by the Cybernaught armors employed by The Broker. The devices work via use of a miniature repulsor core that super-heats and discharges chlorine gas mixed with hydrogen peroxide to emit a powerful concussive beam capable of wrecking a forklift.


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