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 Walter C. Dornez
Walter C. Dornez

Walter C. Dornez a former Hellsing operative and the personal butler of Integra Hellsing until the Millennium's attack on London. Walter would join the ranks of the organization when he was but a child. In his later life he was educated at Balliol College, the same school Sir Arthur Hellsing and Sir Hugh Islands attended. During the events of Hellsing: The Dawn a young Walter and Alucard in a form similar to a small girl were seen fighting in WWII, under Hellsing's order to destroy Order 666, the Nazi project to create an army of the undead. To his purpose, they attacked together the Millennium Warsaw base, where the first artificial vampires were being created. The events of the camp's destruction are still largely unknown, but it is a given fact the pair destroyed the base amidst countless enemy casualties. Survivors, however, include some of Millennium's finest officers: the Major, the Captain, and Understurmfuhrer Rip Van Winkle. The circumstances of their survival are not known either.

Walter remained loyally in Hellsing's employment, even after Alucard's sealing. He served Sir Arthur until his death, whereupon he mysteriously vanished, leaving the young Hellsing heir, Integra, at the mercy of her uncle Richard's schemes. Thence, Integra had no choice but to unleash Alucard, the family's ace card, from his slumber, to save her and aid her in the killing of Richard, thus paving the way for her ascent as the director of Hellsing.

As Walter aged he was cast into the job of Sir Integra's personal butler and bodyguard, while still retaining countless skills and abilities at his disposal. Walter was indeed credited to be a true renaissance man; he was not only in a fighting shape far above average, he could still execute amazing feats of agility and physical strength. His combat skills remained unparalleled even as a senior citizen, allowing him to use his deadly monofilament wires to defend himself in a gunfight and effortlessly rip enemies with an incredible ease, while still combining his natural sadism with a precision that borders into the unnatural. He demonstrates this by yanking out Jan Valentine's lip piercing by wrapping one of his wires around the lip and pulling, without harming any other part of Valentine's body; this deadly efficiency earned him the nickname of Angel of Death in the killing fields of WWII.

He even proved to be a gunmaker of professional level, capable of creating weaponry as the Jackal handgun and the Harkonnen breech loader cannon. While not explicitly stated, it is likely the monstrous Harkonnen II Field Dominance System was also created by him. The list of skills Walter kept is impressive; he was also well-read enough to earn the privilege of advising Sir Integra in dealing with Alucard's philosophies and is skilled enough in human relationships to bond with Alucard's fledgling, Seras Victoria, and convince her to develop her abilities to the fullest, becoming as much a part of her surrogate family as the No-Life King and Sir Integra herself.

Upon the resurfacing of Millennium with the Valentine Brothers' attack, Walter is revealed to be capable of engaging countless Millennium ghouls with Seras in a joint defense until the entire force had been annihilated. He attacked Jan Valentine with extreme sadism, ripping off the aforementioned lip piercing and his right arm. After the invasion had been repealed, Walter was plainly shocked at Sir Integra's quick deduction of the true meaning of the Millennium; while Walter chatted with Alucard about the destruction of the original Order 666 camp, he suffered from a brief memory lapse when the vampire reminisces about their joint attack, believing they had killed all in the camp. He appeared in official capacity as Integra's bodyguard during her meeting with Enrico Maxwell, her opposite in the Vatican's

Section XIII.

Shortly after the destructive barrage of missiles fired from the Millennium flagship, the Hindenburg II, Walter defended Sir Integra, Sir Shelby Penwood and several loyal British soldiers from Millennium vampires, and left with his master in hopes of reaching Hellsing HQ. In the road there, they were ambushed by his old enemy, the Captain. Walter deemed it better to send Sir Integra home without him, and is ordered to return alive. Walter salutes, and engages the Captain, whose flesh seems to be the one object capable of resisting the immense cutting power of his wires. With his wires entangles upon the Captain's fingers, the fight was but a stalemate until the Hindenburg II loomed behind the werewolf, with the Major speaking to Walter, commenting: “It was determined 55 years ago that you would join us.”

Post-Millennium Walter (this form can also be known as the Angel of Death or simply vampiric walter)
Post-Millennium Walter (this form can also be known as the Angel of Death or simply vampiric walter)

He was subject to surgery at the hands of Millennium's Doctor, who remarks it was a relatively crude process due to time constraints. After this, he is seen as a willing servant of the Major, bringing down an Iscariot helicopter about to attack the Major. After this, he isn't seen until after Alexander Anderson's death, he uses his wires to slice several buildings in order to break his fall from the zeppelin. He reappears and purposely falls upon, crushes and desecrates the paladin's remains; shortly after Walter would express his opinion on the dead which is ''The dead are nothing but refuge, and there is no need for anyone to mourn for filth''. Shortly after this moment he murdered the elite Iscariot member Yumie Takagi who tried to terminate him for disrespecting Anderson's corpse. Alucard was enraged at the transformation, while an incredulous Seras, along with Integra, demanded an explanation. For their benefit, he gave them two explanations: how he was a brainwashed puppet under Millennium's control, and how he was a free man attacking Hellsing out of his own will. When Alucard attempts to use the Jackal against him, Walter remarks it was a gun designed to destroy Anderson, not him. An instant later, Millennium's Doctor pressed a button in his remote that destroyed the Jackal with an explosion.

As the battle raged on, Walter seemed to have the upper hand, tearing Alucard apart when he got impatient with him and then jabbing a lead pipe into his heart. ''Alucard'' turned out to be a illusion cast by Alucard, created from the remains of Luke Valentine who emerged from Alucard's dead Hellhound earlier in the battle. Alucard sneaked behind the bewildered Walter and punched the now losing opponent in his face and appeared in in the body of the young girl he had used during the Warsaw raid for irony purposes. Walter's deterioration had grown to the point the poison had started eating at his body, regressing his body to that a fourteen-year old's, leaving them both as they were in 1944. Walter, now rapidly falling apart, still attempted to prove his mettle against Alucard. However, the older vampire had by then grown much more powerful, as he started to absorb all of London's blood. Schrodinger, the messenger of Millennium, beheaded himself with a SS knife and allowed his blood to seep into Alucard; Walter, recognizing that he would stand no chance against Alucard who was now much more powerful begged the Major for another fighting chance, but it was too late as said by the Major and the Doctor; Alucard vanished after the absorption of Schrodinger's essence, leaving the Hellsing pentagram inscribed in blood in the floor. The Angel of Death was glad that he had survived this battle but was disappointed with himself soon after

Walter then was hit by a plethora of shots fired from the rifle of Heinkel Wolfe in retaliation for the killing of Yumie and insulting Anderson's remains. Walter, ignoring the pain, casually flicked his wires to slice off her leg and arm. He then returned to the wreckage of the Hindenburg II, confronting the Doctor. Stopping his ramblings, he declared all of his work was good-for-nothing, including himself. The Doctor attempted to annihilate him by using his remote to set off a fire inside Walter via the chip implanted with in himself in a fit of rage, but Walter cut off his arm and leg before he could do so. As he fell with the loss of his limbs, the Doctor unveiled the SHI, the base for all of Millennium's vampire genetic material: Mina Harker, who had never truly healed from the vampiric curse. Walter then reinforced his position, commenting on how the Doctor could only bootleg Alucard's imitation and never surpass him, Walter used his wires to drop a large box onto the Doc which had crushed his body and killed him. With this revelation, Walter sat on the ground, leaned against a box and smoked a cigarette as the zeppelin exploded into flames. It isn't seen on screen but it is implied that Walter had died


Walter's wires
Walter's wires

Monofilament Wires: Walter seems to be able to control the wires with simple flicks or twist of his fingers to the extent they become extensions of his body. The wires are sharp enough to cut apart steel and cut bodies like butter; the enhanced Walter is seen slicing apart buildings with his wires with no physical strain. However, Walter's expertise with the wires allows him to even grab and pull them with impunity, and his control after his transformation is so great he can force them inside a victim's body to control them like a puppet, or even form meshes of wire to block bullets.

Walter and Millennium

Millennium's top members: (Left to right) The Captain, the Major, Doc
Millennium's top members: (Left to right) The Captain, the Major, Doc

The fact that Walter and Millennium have a relation is likely. However, there is severe dispute as to whether Walter served Millennium of his own volition or whether he was somehow conditioned during his Warsaw foray against Millennium in 1944; there is proof to both sides, such as Walter's aggressiveness against the Captain, the sadism against Jan Valentine, the Major's remark, or the fact the Valentines knew where to attack, the Doctor's destruction of the Jackal, the transformed Walter's attitude. As Hellsing: The Dawn is currently incomplete, it is impossible to accurately determine Walter's true allegiances until the remaining chapters are unveiled.

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