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Walter Flanagan has been the artist for several comic runs, most notably the Batman runs he did with friend Kevin Smith. " Cacophony" and " The Widening Gyre" He has also drawn for his friend Bryan Johnson for the comics "Karney" and " War of the Undead". He is the manager of a comic book store owned by Kevin Smith called "Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash" located in Red Bank, New Jersey.


Seeing as how filmmaker Kevin Smith is a very close friend of Flanagan, it's no doubt that he has appeared in some of his movies. In Clerks, he played with 4 different roles. In Mallrats he and friend Bryan Johnson were introduced as the duo Steve-Dave and Fanboy. From then on, they both have played a recurring part in most of Smith's films.


Every week he partakes in 2 podcasts on Kevin Smith SModcast Network. "Tell Em' Steve Dave" on Fridays, and "Highlands: A Peephole History" on Tuesdays.

Comic Book Men

Walt is currently starring on a reality TV show called "Comic Book Men" (2012-) The show is about Walt and some other people working at a comic book shop called Jay and Silent Bob's secret stash. They wheel 'n' deal, and sometimes they go to conventions.

Walt Flanagan stars in
Walt Flanagan stars in "Comic Book Men"


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