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    Today's America knows Mickey Mouse as a gentle do-gooder. But in his 1930s heyday, Mickey rose to fame as an epic hero — a bold, adventurous scrapper battling mobsters, kidnappers, and spies! And Mickey’s greatest feats of derring-do took place in his daily comic strip, crafted by one of history's greatest cartoonists — Floyd Gottfredson.

    For 25 years, Gottfredson’s Mickey Mouse was a trendsetting adventure serial that led where other adventure comics would follow. But famed as Gottfredson's life's work is, it has never been comprehensively collected in English... until now!

    Dive into this book and see Mickey’s race to a gold mine with Pegleg Pete; Mickey’s life on the lam after being framed for bank robbery; even Mickey’s fight with a huge heavyweight champ. You wouldn't expect to find a mouse in the middle of such chilling thrills and spills. But he's always there!

    Enjoy Mickey Mouse in unmatched quality — remastered straight from Disney proof sheets and prized private collections. You'll also explore more than 50 pages of fascinating supplementary features — from rare behind-the-scenes art to tributes by Warren Spector (Disney Epic Mickey) and Disney Legends award recipient Floyd Norman.

    Mickey Mouse is among the world's most recognizable icons. But do you know the wild, unforgettable personality behind the icon? Start reading... you might be wearing mouse ears before you're through.

    Story Titles

    • Master of Mickey Epics
    • Of Mouse and Man: The Early Years
    • Floyd Gottfredson, The Mickey Strip and Me
    • An Indebted Valley
    • "Mickey Mouse in Death Valley" - April 1 - Sept. 20, 1030
    • Sheiks and Lovers
    • "Mr. Slicker and The Egg Robbers" - September 22 - Dec. 29, 1930
    • "Mickey Mouse Music" - December 30, 1030 - January 3, 1931
    • "The Picnic" - January 12 - 17, 1931
    • "Traffic Troubles" - January 5 - 10, 1931
    • Katnippery
    • "Mickey Mouse vs. Kat Nipp" - January 19 - February 25, 1931
    • Gallery Feature - "He's Funny That Way"
    • "Mickey Mouse, Boxing Champion" - February 26 - April 29, 1931
    • "High Society" - April 30 - May 30, 1931
    • Gallery Feature - "Gods of Good Wishes"
    • Mick Of All Trades
    • "Circus Roustabout" - June 1 - July 7, 1931
    • "Pluto the Pup" - July 8 - 18, 1931
    • Middle-Euro Mouse
    • "Mickey Mouse and the Ransom Plot" - July 20 - November 7, 1931
    • A Mouse (And A Horse, And A Cow) Against the World
    • "Fireman Mickey" - November 9 - December 5, 1931
    • "Clarabelle's Boarding House" - December 7, 1931 - January 9, 1932
    • In the Beginning: Ub Iweks and the Birth of Mickey Mouse
    • Starting the Strip
    • "Lost On A Desert Island" - January 13 - March 31, 1930
    • The Cartoon Connection
    • Gallery Feature - "Lost On A Desert Island"
    • The Cast: Mickey and Minnie
    • Sharing the Spotlight: Walt Disney and Win Smith
    • Gallery Feature - "Gottfredson's World: Mickey Mouse in Death Valley"
    • Uncloaking the Fox
    • Gallery Feature - Behind the Scenes: Pencil Mania
    • Gallery Feature - Gottfredson's World: Mr. Slicker and the Egg Robbers
    • Sharing the Spotlight: Roy Nelson, Jack King and Hardie Gramatky
    • The One-Off Gottfredson Spin-Off
    • Gallery Feature - The Comics Department at Work: Mickey Mouse in Color (...And Black And White)
    • Gallery Feature - Gottfredson's World: Mickey mouse vs. Kat Nipp
    • Gallery Feature - Gottfredson's World: Mickey Mouse, Boxing Champion
    • Sharing the Spotlight: Earl Duvall
    • The Cast: Butch
    • Sharing the Spotlight: Al Taliaferro
    • The Gottfredson Gang: In "Their Own" Words
    • Gallery Feature - Gottfredson's World: Strange Tales of Late 1931
    • The Cast: Pluto
    • "I Have It On Good Authority..."

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