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1. [windshield for bicycle] Donald Duck
2.  [Carpool] Donald Duck
3. What A Life! Donald Duck
4.  [Barrel of bricks] Donald Duck
5. [caught in kids' snare trap] Donald Duck
6. It's The Real Thing  Donald Duck
7. Keep 'Em Rolling Donald Duck
8.  [trapped in bathroom by paint] Donald Duck
9. [lands plane atop truck] Donald Duck
10. On The Beam Donald Duck
11.  [Lucky Goofy!]  Mickey Mouse & Goofy
12. Gets Geared  Goofy
13. Springtime For Pluto Pluto
14. The Carnival King Joe Carioca (first appearance in a comic book)
15. Cash And Carry Mickey Mouse
16. Black-Out Special Mickey Mouse
17. Hollywood Chatter
18.  [Dumps flypaper on politician] Donald Duck
19. [Taken to the pound] Donald Duck
20. Tarred and Feathered Donald Duck
21.  [Buzzes kites with plane] Donald Duck
22.  [Ladder to watch ball game] Donald Duck
23. On The Spot Donald Duck
24. [squeaking cushion]Donald Duck
25. [dreams of sleeping near sheep] Donald Duck
26. Too Many Cooks Donald Duck
27. [adults-only apartments] Donald Duck
28. [hazards in the driveway] Donald Duck
29. Forewarned  Donald Duck
30. Donald Duck
31. The Cheerful Borrower
32.  The Bar None Ranch Mickey Mouse
33. Primer Puzzle
34.  [Rug as extra blanket for bed] Donald Duck
35.  [peanuts on theater balcony] Donald Duck
36. That's What    Huey, Dewey and Louie
37.  [props bed up on books] Donald Duck
38.  [buys bearskin coat] Donald Duck
39. Donald's All Wet Donald Duck
40. [Lilybelle the milk horse] Donald Duck
41. [Baseball knocks vase off shelf] Donald Duck
42. Free Demonstration Donald Duck
43. [lectures with black eye] Donald Duck
44.  [Bloodhound lured by bone] Huey, Dewey and Louie
45.  [stopped at cafe] Donald Duck
46. The Flying Jalopy
47. Ad  $50 in War Savings Stamps
48.  [settles argument over zebras] Donald Duck
49. [want a watery movie] Huey, Dewey and Louie
50. A Hard Pill To Swallow Donald Duck
51.  [force the barometer to work] Huey, Dewey and Louie
52. [turtles as safety zone] Donald Duck
53. One Way Traffic  Donald Duck
54. Pork-Pork-Pork!  Donald Duck
55. December Puzzle




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