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Story Titles 

  • Donald Duck and Uncle Scrooge "Isle of Golden Greese" - Part 1 
  • Super Goof "The Case of the Flying Umbrella" 
  • Zorro "A Double For Diego" 
  • Clara Cluck "Costume Party" 
  • True Life Adventures "Scale Models" 
  • Scamp "Canary Crisis" 
  • Big Bad Wolf "Double Trouble" 
  • Casey Junior "The Wizard of Misty Mountain" 
  • Little Hiawatha "Heap Big Fish Dance" 
  • Moby Duck "Cross-Currents" 
  • Pluto's Kennel Korner "The Poodle" 
  • Bongo and Lumpjaw "A Really Unreal Dragon" 
  • Daisy Duck's Diary "Lost and Found" 
  • Gyro Gearloose "The Lost Rabbit Foot" 
  • Savage Sam - Part 1 
  • Mini-Comic "Brer Rabbit" 
  • Captain Hook "Gets the Point" 
  • Figaro "The O-o-o-o's" 
  • Mini-Comic "Donald Duck" 
  • Donald Duck and Uncle Scrooge "Isle of Golden Geese" Part 2 
  • Mad Madam Mim "The Wish Stick" 
  • Mickey Mouse "Adventures on Turtle Island" 
  • True Life Adventures "Winter Ways" 
  • Clarabelle Cow "Bead Dilemma" 
  • Chip 'N' Dale "At the Tree House" 
  • Mowgli "Junior Safari" 
  • Bambi and Thumper "Fenced In" 
  • Grandma Duck and Uncle Scrooge "Trail Tycoon" 
  • TV Tickler "Minnie Mouse" 
  • Jiminy Cricket "Building Quiz" 
  • Minado, The Wolverine 
  • Mini-Comic "Morty and Ferdie" 
  • True Life Adventures "For Favors Received" 
  • April, May and June "Pie Spies" 
  • Dumbo - Part 2 - Conclusion 
  • Minnie Mouse "Pretty Pottery" 
  • Seven Dwarfs "Pick-Up Duty"

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