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Story Titles 

  • Uncle Scrooge with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs "The Washed-Up Witch" - Part 1 
  • Super Goof "Real Gone Gilly" 
  • Brer Rabbit "Borrow-Brother" 
  • Mickey Mouse "Making Faces" 
  • True Life Adventures "Saga of Survival" 
  • Minnie, Clara & Clarabelle "The Windy Warpath" 
  • Donald Duck "Mastering the Matterhorn" 
  • Jiminy Cricket & Mad Madam Mim "The Looped Landscape" 
  • Mowgli "The Victorious Victim" 
  • Ludwig Von Drake "Man of Letters" 
  • Pluto's Kennel Korner "The Beagle" 
  • Buck Duck "When You Show Your Gums... Smile" 
  • Kidnapped - Part 1 
  • Mini-Comic "Scamp" 
  • Tinker Bell "Star-Word Puzzler" 
  • Beagle Boys "Box Baffler" 
  • Mini-Comic "Chip 'N' Dale" 
  • Uncle Scrooge with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs "The Washed-Up Witch" - Part 2 
  • The Big Bad Wolf "Wolf Bait" 
  • Dumbo "A Plane Without A Purpose" 
  • Daisy Duck's Diary "Career Woman" 
  • True Life Adventures "Singular Snowfall" 
  • Bambi "On the Run" 
  • Mickey Mouse "The Bush Pilot's Peril" 
  • Gyro Gearloose & Gus Goose "Dream Planet" 
  • Animal Autobiographies "The Prairie Dog" 
  • TV Tickler "Moby Duck" 
  • Baloo "Bad Dreams" 
  • As The Crow Flies 
  • Mini-Comic "Thumper" 
  • True Life Adventures "Short and Sweet" 
  • Pluto "Dog Debut" 
  • The Wonderful Adventures of Pinoccho Conclusion 
  • Junior Woodchucks "Nature Study" 
  • Captain Hook "Anagram-mar"

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