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Story Titles 

  • Donald Duck "Titanic Ants" - Part I 
  • Super Good "The Small Time Crime" 
  • The Seven Dwarfs "Pirate Plunder Blunder" 
  • True Life Adventure "Wings Over the Desert" 
  • Pinocchio "Marque Mess" 
  • Jiminy Cricket "Reckless Rescue" 
  • Adventures of Captain Nemo "Doom Island" 
  • Scamp "The Sister Sitter" 
  • Gyro Gearloose "Picnic" 
  • Grandma Duck "Grandma's Tool Shed Crossword Puzzle" 
  • Horace-Horsecollar "Pic-An-Exit" 
  • Mad Madam Mim "Down on the Farm" 
  • Reluctant Dragon - Part I 
  • Little Hiawatha and Thumper "Pony Trap" 
  • Mini-Comic "Moby Duck" 
  • Huey, Dewey and Louie "Made For Each Other" 
  • Clarabelle Cow "Proof Picker" 
  • Mini-Comic "Uncle Scrooge" 
  • Mickey Mouse "The Roamin' Romans" 
  • Three Little Pigs "Booby-Trapped House" 
  • Donald Duck "Titanic Ants" - Conclusion 
  • True-Life Adventure "Mobile Marauder" 
  • Brer Rabbit "The Honey Hop" 
  • Mowgli "A Dream Come True" 
  • Chip 'N' Dale "Easy Does It" 
  • The Nature of Things "The Giraffe" 
  • Dumbo "Silly Circus" 
  • Goofy "Pop Art" 
  • Bambi "Treacherous Trail" 
  • Otter in the Family 
  • Mini-Comic "Ludwig Von Drake" 
  • True-Life Adventure "Greener Waters" 
  • Daisy Duck's Diary "Coded Diary" 
  • Reluctant Dragon - Conclusion 
  • Clara Cluck "Sixty Second Search" 
  • Figaro "Creepy Creatures"

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