Born to Run!

Written by Mark Waid, witness Wally West's origin, from Kid Flash all the way to his days as the Flash!

The Return of Barry Allen

Wally faces the biggest surprise of his life when his mentor and predecessor apparently comes back from the dead! But not all is what it seems and Wally will have to step out of Barry's shadow and become his own hero to overcome one of the biggest challenges of his career. By Mark Waid.

Chain Lightning/The Dark Flash Saga

Barry Allen's legacy once again haunts Wally when a mysterious enemy from the past returns and an adventure through time begins, once again by Mark Waid!

Absolute Zero

From Geoff Johns comes quite probably the greatest Captain Cold story ever written and proof of how great a villain he is.


Wally West's life seems to be perfect: he has a loving wife, family and friends and even a baby on the way. But when one of Wally's friends is attacked by one of his greatest enemies, Wally will learn the meaning of tragedy the hard way. One of the biggest stories from Geoff Johns' great run.

Rogue War

The Rogues have always been the greatest enemies of the Flashes, but what happens when a war starts between them? And Wally will have his hands more than full when another enemy of his comes back to haunt him in the great finale to Geoff Johns' run.


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