Couple Questions about Flash...

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So even though he has access to the Speed Force and can move and think super fast and not tire, walk through walls and lend speed and whatnot, I'm curious what his durability and strength are like. Because even though he can move super fast, shouldn't it still hurt him a lot when he punches someone when going really fast like when he does this "Infinite Mass Punch" I see repeated all over these forums?

Can't remember the other question I was musing earlier, will come back when I remember, lolol

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It doesn't matter......he doesn't exist anymore...."

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@Avenging-X-Bolt: His legacy will live on forever... (They should bring him back so I can finally find something interesting to read again)

@Hksaru said:

Because even though he can move super fast, shouldn't it still hurt him a lot when he punches someone when going really fast l

The speedforce protects him , Wally has a protective aura(?) around him that protects him. The force is strong within him!

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The Flash has always operated on sort of a "pseudo science". During the 60s (some awesome stories, believe it or not) it seemed to be a lot more grounded before the concept of the "Speed Force" was specifically expressed. Having said that, we still don't know the limits/powers of the Speed Force, because it's changing, even now in the current Flash title.

I suppose the weak answer is that the Speed Force can do whatever is needed to advance the story...

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He has super healing and im also pretty sure that the speed force takes over and gives his body a near infinite mass thus making him super durable/strong.

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His strength is not that great. What gives his punches real KA-POW is his velocity (i.e., Infinity Mass Punch). The speed force does appear to give limited durability when he is delivering punishment to his opponents. But he is subject to cuts, contusions, broken bones and whatnot.

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