Can Wally West high five himself?.....

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#1 Posted by mariobroscomics (17 posts) - - Show Bio

.... With the same hand? Mwahaha, you got it right. Can the Flash put one hand up and then turn around quickly so he can high five... the hand... with the same hand? Mwahaha.

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#3 Posted by TheDude123 (1971 posts) - - Show Bio

If he travels back in time, yes.

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It would require identical atoms to occupy the same space at the same time. Physics broken unless he travels through time.

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Actually, there are feats where Wally's current self occupied his future self, albeit vibrational frequencies.

So, yeah, he probably could.

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I feel that by doing that he would cause an explosion due to the amount of scientific laws he broke. But I believe he could

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#7 Posted by RetconCrisis (5593 posts) - - Show Bio

He would need to have his molecules of one hand in the same spot of the other. He'd need to travel back in time, high five himself, then travel forward before his molecules get pulled back into the Speed Force. :P

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#9 Posted by RetconCrisis (5593 posts) - - Show Bio

@thanofleeze: Yeah, but even in Flashpoint, he didn't meet a different version of himself, so he wouldn't be able to high five himself.

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#10 Posted by spinningbirdcake (1432 posts) - - Show Bio

@retconcrisis: Did they explain that? Because I was kind of under the impression he didn't meet a different version of himself because he became that universe's Barry Allen.

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