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    Both he and his cousin, also named Wally after their great grandfather, were struck by lightning and infused with the Speed Force. This Wally is the new Kid Flash.

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    Wally is the son of Danny West, nephew to Iris West Allen and Rudolph West, and cousin to the original Kid Flash, Wally West. The two Wallys have met once and share little in common rather than an aunt, and connection to the speed force. He is the newest host of the speed force and newest Kid Flash. Wally struggles to balance heroism with school and the lack of trust Barry shows him.


    Speed Force Conduit: As a conduit of the Speed Force, KF's physiology is enhanced in many different ways.

    • Superhuman Speed, Reflexes, Agility, Stamina, and Durability
    • Wally's speed has been shown to be sufficient to move at the speed of light, and faster.
    • Protective Speed Force Aura
    • Speed Force Constructs
    • Lightning Generation/Projection
    • Steal Speed
    • Molecular/Kinetic Acceleration
    • Cyclone Creation

    Other Media


    The Flash

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    Wally West appears in Season 2 of the series, portrayed by Keiynan Lonsdale. In a departure from the comics, this version of Wally is Iris West's younger brother, rather than her nephew. His future as a speedster is alluded to numerous times, with Wally initially engaging in illegal street racing to pay for his mother's medical bills, and again when he states that he one day wants to have a high speed profession like an astronaut or a fighter pilot.

    He becomes a great fan of the Flash and decides he wants to become someone worthy of having been saved, going as far as trying to help him fend off invading metahumans when Zoom lays siege to Central City; meanwhile, he also starts to grow closer to Barry Allen. Wally is infused with Barry's energy when Barry is warped into the Speed Force, but has yet to develop any powers. He realizes Barry and the Flash are one and the same when Zoom attacks them at a family reunion.

    During season 3 of the Flash, when the show creates it's own version of Flashpoint Wally West is the Flash in this world. He is called Kid Flash by Iris and sometimes by the media which she is a part of. Wally in this new timeline was a drag racer like in the original timeline until he was hit by the particle accelerator explosion while working on a new fuel and put into a coma. When he awake he is now connected to the Speed Force and finds that he can travel at superhuman speeds. While it is believed to be due to the explosion of the particle accelerator, it is revealed that his speed was given to him by Savitar as part of his own plan to escape the Speed Force. (Whether this means he simply manipulated how the wave effected Wally or if he just gave him speed and used it as a cover, is unknown.) Wally tells his sister Iris, and the two decide to use his powers to protect the city. Cisco Ramon is asked by Wally & Iris to create a friction proof suit for Wally, which he does with the stipulation they never return. Wally is plagued by his own foe who views himself as Wally's superior, adeptly named the Rival. He is unable to defeat him and ends up in a dumpster, being discovered by Barry. Barry reveals to the new versions of team Flash that he is a speedster as well, and that with his help they can defeat the Rival. With the aide of Cisco they are able to track down the Rival and decide to flank him. When they engage him Wally manages to best the Rival in combat, but is stabbed when he turns his back. Barry manages to defeat the Rival, but Wally's cells are not regenerating. So Barry releases the Reverse Flash so he can kill his mother and reset the timeline.

    Post Flashpoint Timeline

    Wally remains mostly the same as the unaltered timeline, however he has been having dreams about his time as Kid Flash from the Flashpoint timeline. Wally is initially jealous that Jesse got speed while he did not, but quickly gets over it. He and Jesse have obvious romantic tension, that Wally does not want to return due to her being on Earth 2, but in the end he decides there's nothing to fear and the two share a kiss before she returns to her Earth.

    Wally's dreams of his time as Kid Flash grow more apparent as Dr. Alchemy calls for Wally to receive them, however Joe is steadfast in the fact that Wally should not trust Alchemy, choosing to keep him trapped in the pipeline so that he cannot go and see Dr. Alchemy. Wally eventually agrees with this decision however when it becomes painful he attempts to see Alchemy anyway, but is stopped by Iris. However, he comes up with the idea to use himself as bait and track Alchemy down. He teams up with Joe, accompanied by a SWAT team and they go meet Alchemy. However Savitar shows up, effortlessly defeating The Flash and the SWAT officers. In the confusion, Wally touches the philosopher's stone and becomes trapped in a cocoon. Joe, worried about Wally frees him from it. Wally at first cannot function like this, but Catlin creates a serum to have his mind catch up with his body. When he begins training with his speed, he's faster than Barry was when he first got his powers.

    He continued training to use his speed, but Iris encourages him to go slow due to her desire for him not to use his powers. During the crossover between the Flash, Arrow, Supergirl & Legends of Tomorrow he is still not using his powers. When the mind controlled heroes arrive at STAR labs, Wally realizes that the Green Arrow and The Flash cannot handle them alone, and decides to ignore Iris and go help them. He manages to get them some space, and calls himself "Kid Flash". He is quickly defeated by Supergirl. When he awakes H.R. offers to train him in secret on how to use his powers.

    Wally continues training with H.R. and shows the fruits of his labors when he helps Barry fight Savitar when he attacks. He and Barry are easily beaten, but Savitar is trapped before any major damage is done. Wally is given his Kid Flash costume as a Christmas present by Joe & Iris, who believe that this is what Wally wants to do and support him completely. Wally is shown at this point to be progressing faster than Barry did, in addition to initially being faster than him.

    In the months after Barry sacrificed himself to the Speedforce, Wally worked alongside Nate Heywood & Cisco in protecting Central City. Following the return of Barry as The Flash and breaking up with his girlfriend Jessie Quick, Wally decided move on with his life by heading to Blue Valley where encountered and fought an alien starfish.

    Legends of Tomorrow

    Keiynan Lonsdale reprises his role as Wally West in Legends of Tomorrow. On the run from the Time Bureau, Rip Hunter tracked down Wally in China during his quest to find himself. Wally was able to help Rip recover his commandeered equipment from the Time Bureau Fault. He and Rip used the time courier to teleport aboard the Waverider when they discovered Ray has been kidnapped by Damien & Nora.

    Ray is located by the Legends when he destroys the Berlin Wall in 1962. Sara sends Wally West to rescue Ray and in the process, he also retrieves the Fire Totem from Damien. Before he left to join the Time Bureau, Sara is able to convince Wally to join the Legends instead saying he would be more comfortable with a bunch of outsiders like themselves.


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