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    Walker is an alien death god, infatuated with Mistress Death. When Death spurned his advances, he decided to destroy her.

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    Walker or his other name known as He-Who-Walks-Across-The-Worlds-Of-Life-And-Death-Like-A-Colossus. Walker was the Death God from a distance galaxy, and unlike our galaxy, he was the only death god there. He eventually came to meet mistress Death of our own galaxy and they even had a relationship while she was going out with Thanos the Titan. Eventually Walker gave Death the ultimate death, killing every living being in his galaxy. She turned him down at first, the feelings of Walker were sadness and despair. Those emotions turned to anger and hate as he went on his pursuit after Death to seek his revenge. Walker then absorbed the trillions upon trillions of souls he had destroyed. Death eventually talked to Thanos and took his advice and hid in the body of Marlo Jones, a mortal woman. Eventually Marlo and Marvel were in a clothing store and that’s where Walker had been and Marvel sensed Walker was evil. This lead him to tell Marlo to as he tried to grab Walker's staff, but it was too cold. Walker explained it to be and extension of himself and it was as cold as death itself.

    Eventually Rick Jones pushed the jeans rack on Walker and ran out the store. When Walker followed them out of the store, there he met Thanos and they battled. Thanos threw a blast at Walker, as Walker put up a shield with his staff and then took his sunglasses off to fire an eye beam at Thanos. This beam caused Thanos to scream in pain leaving the titan on his knees in a small crater. Captain Marvel soon arrived to shoot powerful blasts at the two, though it did no damage to either of them. Becasue of the ineffectiveness of Marvel's attack, Walker said that Thanos was allying himself with weak people and that he was probably absorbing energy from his ship somewhere. They got another attack from Walker, and he threatened them to reveal her (Death) location or he will take the planet Earth down, molecule by molecule. Walker would then release and attack, destroying the area around him and knocking Thanos and Captain Marvel even further back from their distance. As they talk they return fire, but it does them no good on Walker. A streak of lighting is seen as it came down on Walker coming from the god of thunder himself as he landed and challenged Walker. While Captain Marvel tried to warn Thor of Walker's power. Then all three, Thanos, Thor and Captain Marvel release an attack at Walker,so strong that it banished him. The three hero’s and Marlo with Death inside her teleported to Thanos' ship. There Thanos explained to Marlo that she was also Death herself and that Death took refuge inside her. Then Walker came back into view in his ship behind Thanos' ship, even dwarfing Thanos' own ship. Walker's ship was several miles long and Captain Marvel remarked how it was probably big enough to eat Cleveland.

    Thor and Captain Marvel listen to Thanos' orders to put their powers together, and as they did, Thanos utilized it to teleport the four to a pocket dimension.

    They ended up in the dimension of purgatory. The three hero’s and two girls had teleported as Walker teleported himself to the dimension as well and as he did he instantly attacked Death. He tried to kill her, but he instead took the full blasts of Thanos, Captain Marvel, and Thor, knocking him back, though he came out unharmed. He then easily defeats Thanos and Thor with a blast from his staff. Walker then traps Thanos, Thor, and Captain Marvel in force block. Death then remembers when Thanos explains of how death had no domain in that dimension. Walker then teleports behind Death and explains she can end this if she gives in now, then shows her how he already has the heroes in small shields they were trapped in. He then releases Captain Marvel as he went to attack Walker but Thor screamed him not to but he went along with it anyway and grabbed Walker's staff. As he did, Walker tricked him and made him slam his bands together turning him back to Rick. Rick thought he couldn’t be changed back in another dimension but Walker explained this dimension is basically every place at once He then blasts at Ricks arm freezing it solid. As he told Death to beg, Rick yelled at her not to beg to a guy such as Walker, then Walker swung his staff and broke Ricks ice arm leaving Rick screaming in pain. Mistress Death then summons many spirits from the dimension of purgatory and they all form into Asgard warriors that died from a disease during the time the Fernis Wolf was alive.

    He then gets hit by Lorraine and blasts her with a blast so hard that she is deleted from existence. Then the spirits that Death summoned came and attacked Walker, jumping him while he was distracted. Thor and Thanos got free from their holding while Walker let out a strong blast killing the asgardian warriors, one being one of Thor's old close friends. He then uses his power and starts aging Rick, making him get older by the second. Eventually this is too much for mistress Death to take as she put her hand inside Walker. Thanos then explained to him that Death has no feeling but with her in a human body she had a breaking point, which Walker had reached. He also explained he was never really a threat to Death as well. Walker then said that Death has no domain and Thanos explains back that Death isn’t going to kill him, but set the trillions of souls free he absorbed. The souls are then set free as Walker was left as bones that dropped to the floor.


    Walker has vast strength on a cosmic scale. He has amazing cosmic/mystical manipulating powers which can be used to fire devastating blasts even from his eyes or making shields or just firing blasts. He’s very invulnerable on a high scale, enabling him to take hits from Thanos (while absorbing power from his ship), Captain Genesis Marvel and Thor with out sustaining injury. Also as a death god he is immortal. Walker was powered by the anger and hate of the beings in his galaxy and was feared by them all. He also owns an indestructible staff that looks wooden and a ship several miles long that came with some huge weapons around it. His ship was made of skulls. He also had unlimited strength due to the amount of hatred and souls he had absorbed. He can also control small pocket dimensions. He can also teleport. With all his great vast power it’s said he could do any feat he desired.


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