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Walden was the stuffed toy of Fig Keele, brought to life by her latent reality warping abilities. He accompanied and protected her on dozens of adventures to fantastical lands before deciding that he should remain amongst his people in Stuffytown.


Walden was created by Matthew Sturges and Luca Rossi. He made his first appearance in House of Mystery #5.

Major Story Arcs

House of Mystery

As Stuffytown begins to die around him, Walden sets out to seek the assistance of Fig, the only person who can save their universe. He finds her trapped in the dungeons of the Summerlands and rescues her. Though desperate to return to Stuffytown, he accompanies her as she helps to save the Summerlands. When they finally return to Stuffytown, it is too late; all of the inhabitants have died. Despairing, he apparently remains behind in his dead universe.

Powers and Abilities

Walden is a stuffed animal brought to life; as such he is very resistant to harm. He is able to travel between dimensions by some unknown power. He is fully animate and capable of independent thought.

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