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Born in the Isle Of Besaid. Growing up to be a professional Blitz player. Taught the teachings of Yevon. 23 years old, 6"2".     

Final Fantasy X 

Wakka appeared after Tidus washed up on shore after the encounter with Sin on the Al-Bhed ship where he met Rikku. Wakka threw a Blitzball at Tidus and asked him if he is alright. Tidus amazes Wakka and the others with his skills of Blitzball as Tidus was swimming to shore. When Tidus got to shore he introduced his self and Wakka decided to take him to the village to get something to eat. Tidus felt that he could trust Wakka so he asked Wakka whether or not Zanarknad was destroyed 1,000 years ago. Wakka replies and answers yes. The 2 then walk to Besaid but they end up on a cliff that overlooks a water fall.

Wakka then pushed Tidus into the water and he jumped in after him. They then swam and battled a few fiends. Minutes later Wakka headlocks Tidus and asks him to be a member of his team. Tidus accepts and they swim until they get to land. Now with the village in sight they walk all the way down. When they get there Wakka tells Tidus to go to the Crusader’s Tent and to go present his self to the temple summoner. Wakka then showed Tidus how to do the prayer. Tidus does both of his tasks and comes back to Wakka’s house. Wakka offered Tidus a bed since the food wasn’t ready yet. Tidus gladly accepts and he goes to sleep.

A temple monk comes in and talks to Wakka about how Yuna and her guardians haven’t come out of the Chamber of the Fayth in a day while Tidus was asleep. Wakka leaves and goes to the temple and Tidus follows after he wakes up. When Tidus arrives and wonders what has happened Wakka starts to explain to Tidus what’s going on. Wakka says that the summoner hasn’t come out in a day. Tidus enraged then runs inside the Chamber of the Fayth without thinking.

After Tidus solved the puzzle Wakka comes in and wonders what the heck Tidus was thinking for just barging in. He then explains that there are 2 people below them. 1 of them gets mad easy and who knows what the other’s thinking. They then take the elevator down and the 2 people they meet are less then eager to meet them. One of them walks up to Wakka and wonders why he’s down there. When Tidus speaks though she wonders who he was.

When she stopped speaking though the door to the Chamber of the Fayth opened and Yuna emerged from there. She had sweat trickling down her face when she came out. She almost fell down but the other person who was there managed to grab her and help her up. All of them leave the chamber and they go to the temple above them so they can exit to go outside. Once outside Wakka tells Tidus to come over to where he is so he can see Yuna’s first Aeon.

Later that night Wakka introduced Tidus to the rest of the team. During that night Wakka introduced the new goal to the rest of the team. When he said what’s our goal and the team responded with the old goal he introduced to them the new goal of victory. For a few seconds the team looked surprised that their new goal was victory but then they got cheerful that for once they were going to try to win. After Tidus spoke with Yuna Wakka offered him a bed and he accepted.

When everyone was asleep Wakka was talking to Lulu about Tidus and why he shouldn’t of brought him there. Wakka started to say that he needed there help but Lulu wouldn’t hear of it. She was just tired of hearing Wakka’s excuses. When Wakka went to the Crusader’s Tent he found Tidus up and Tidus wondered who’s Chappu since that name was said in the conversation. Wakka said that Chappu was his younger brother and he died when Sin attacked the year before.

Wakka also said that he heard on the first day of the tournament and that’s why he couldn’t focus because Chappu’s death was on his mind. Wakka and Tidus continue their conversation and eventually go to sleep. The next morning when Wakka was with Lulu talking Tidus comes out and Wakka presents him with a new sword. Lulu interupts and says that that was Chappu’s sword. Wakka said that he never used it. The trio then waits for Yuna and they go to the boat. While they were walking though Kimahri attacked Tidus.

After the fight everyone explains to Tidus who Kimahri is. The 4 of them then walk to the boat and they get on so they can go to Kilika so Yuna can pray at the temple and so the Aurochs can pray for their victory.

On the way they are attacked by Sin but manage to get away. They arrive at Luca and Wakka gives his gratitude to the new maester, Maester Seymour. When the game is about to begin Yuna ask Tidus to come see something. Wakka wants them to hurry up because the game starts soon. Yuna is kidnapped by the Al-Bhed. Tidus, Kimihari, and Lulu go to fight the Al-Bhed to return Yuna.

The game begins and Tidus is gone so they play without him. Wakka and the team wins the first first match against the Al-Bheds, and the team wins. After Yuna is rescued Tidus comes back for the game against the the champions. In the last quarter the crowd chants on Wakka's name. Tidus goes back and tells Wakka to play, so he does. After the game they meet Sir Auron. Sin comes to attack Luca, Sin's spawn comes to attack them, they beat it. Maester Seymour summons his Aeon named Anima and fights as well. Sin leaves and the city is damaged. Sir Auron then becomes a guardian and Wakka is flattered for the honor.

The team goes to Mi'iHen Highroad, then Mushroom Rock Road, then Djose Highroad, then The Moon Flow. Battling fiends and getting stronger. At the Moon Flow the team rides a Shoopuff and Yuna is kidnapped by the Al-Bhed again. Wakka and Tidus jump into the water to rescue her from the Al-Bhed machina.

They arrive at shore and Tidus finds Rikku laying on the shore. Yunagets up takes off her Al-Bhed suit and tells Tidus that she was the one who kidnapped Yuna. Wakka and the gang comes up, Yuna ask Rikku to join the team as an Guardian, she agrees. Wakka is angry that she let someone become an guardian when she doesn't even know her.

Together they now travel too Guadosalam, then the Thunder plains. battling fiends and getting stronger and better. Until they get to the Macalania Lake. Where after Wakka and the gang defeat the Al-Bhed again, Rikku is speaking Al-Bhed and tells her Al-Bhed brother that she is an guardian. Wakka is questioning Rikku of why is she speaking Al-Bhed, she tells him that she is Al-Bhed, also everyone knew about it. Wakka is angry why an Al-Bhed is a guardian, Wakka and Rikku have an argument on how Al-Bhed machina created Sin and went against the teachings of Yevon. Rikku argues back on how that is not true.

Yuna leaves to go marry Maester Seymour and the gang goes to Maester Seymour in Macalenia Lake. Wakka and the gang figures out how Maester Seymour killed Lord Jyscal and Wakka is in denial and can't believe that it's true, until they fight Maester Seymour and kill him, now they are wanted criminals. They are chased down fought and they come up on a powerful fiend who fights them.  

Underneath Macalania

After fighting the fiend, Wakka and the others fall through the ice. They soon come across Sin, who is listening to the Hymn of the Fayth.

Kingdom Hearts 

In Kingdom Hearts, Wakka is younger just like Tidus. And he still has his love for Blitz Ball. He fights battles with a ball.  


Wakka is specialized in flying fiends. His weapon is a blitzball. Wakka throws the Blitzball at the fiends heavily, so the fiends are damaged. He also has magic powers to have different affects on the Blitzball, he has an overdrive power which is his specialty which is Slots, he has 4 techniques and they are Element Reels, Attack Reels, Satus Reels, and Aurochs Reels.


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