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    A future Iron Fist from the year 3099 at 9 years old is the youngest to ever beat Shou-Lao the Undying. He helped save a human colony 4.3 light years from Earth from the brink of extinction.

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    Wah Sing-Rand and the Mandate of Heaven

    In the year 3099 the Chinese government of Earth had established a colony on the planet Yaochi in the Alpha Centauri star system. Earth was no more and the colony was in trouble. The planet was infertile; crops had failed, water was short, there was disease and war brought on by greed and envy. The tyrannical President Xing offered the people an escape from their downtrodden lives. A computerized Heaven powered by the rays of Alpha Centauri where a person's spirit can commune with those that had gone before. Many volunteered and as resources dwindelled the President's elite guards, robotic Actroids, began rounding people up and forcing them to enjoy the glories of Heaven. The people wished for a hero and they called out with a prayer beacon to summon a hero from the skies but he never came.

    A man who had worked at the Center of Heaven had discovered that when a person's body is repurposed to build new machines nothing is uploaded, there is no Heaven. He and his children were walking past the Center of Heaven when the Actroids chased them to force them to see the glories of Heaven. The man was tired from lack of food and urged his children to escape when a young boy, the hero from the sky they had preyed for finally arrived. The young hero was Wah Sing-Rand the Iron Fist and Immortal Weapon of K'un-Lun. The man questioned why it had taken so long for the hero to arrive and Wah Sing-Rand explained that he had seen all from above.

    Born and raised in the mystical city of K'un-Lun, Wah Sing-Rand was taught martial arts from Lei Kung Knight and was the youngest to face Shou-Lao and win the dragon's Chi. His training was accellerated because the planet Yaochi needed a hero and the citizens of K'un-Lun were honored by the prayers of the people there. Wah Sing-Rand was sent in a shuttle supposed to arrive three weeks later but the evil President knew the boy was coming and managed to freeze the shuttle in a temporal pocket. For the first few years Wah Sing-Rand was forced to watch the events from the planet below on his monitors but after 2 years he managed to wiggle a finger. After another year of focusing his Chi he managed to make a fist, two months later he began throwing a punch, it moved so slowly it took 20 years before it struck the side of his ship. Knocked from its orbit the shuttle crashed and Wah Sing-Rand was free.

    President Xing had known about the rebels sending their own prayer beacon and thanks to his spies had managed to send his own to another of the Fabled Cities of Heaven. A few months later a ship crashed and the people believed the obese pilot was their hero from the skies but the Actroids took the man from the people. The rebels learned that the man they took was not their weapon but another one and was twisted into the President's own unholy image by his dark technology. In the present President Xing discovered the Iron Fist had freed himself from his orbit so he sent Fat Cobra to destroy him because he owed his ancestors a blood debt.

    Wah Sing-Rand intended to destroy the machines at the Center of Heaven, the President's Actroids and then depose the President himself when the robotic Fat Cobra attacked. Fat Cobra seemingly prevailed and forced Wah Sing-Rand to undergo the process of 'downloading' to Heaven but when the machines repurposed his biological matter his Chi followed. His Chi overpowered the machinery of Heaven and transformed into a mechanical form for the spirit of Wah Sing-Rand. The giant robotic Iron Fist stepped on Fat Cobra and destroyed the President's palace with a single punch. The old regime was destroyed and within the Iron Fist's shuttle there were seeds, grains and terraforming technology which the survivors used to remake their planet into a vibrant verdant colony. 


    Wah Sing-Rand was created by Duane Swierczynski and Timothy Green in 2008 and first appeared in The Immortal Iron Fist # 21.

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