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Little has been revealed about Waering's past. At some point, he was a slave, and when he escaped the slave grotto, he stole a neural dampening tool designed to slow a vampire’s blood wrought rampage. The device also affected werewolves, suppressing their anger, thereby rendering them defenseless. Waering used it to keep himself in control and increase his longevity.

Armand Waering's company Waering Industries was the company behind the symbiotes that Team 7 was exposed to when they were on a mission to prevent the Night Tribe from obtaining the symbiotes. After the mission went wrong and Team 7 ended up with the golden symbiotes grafted to their skin, Waering offered to help and finance the team if the fought the Night Tribe, which they accepted.

At the same time, Waering was The Jaquar, the head of the Were Nation, and one of the forces trying to prevent Drakken from becoming the ruler of the Night Tribes instead of the Blood Queen.

Jackson Dane led the WetWorks team for Waering, fighting the Night Tribe, for a long time, until they discovered that Waering was a part of the Night Tribe himself, and his A.I. Mother was responsible for the death of Flattop and Crossbones. After defeating Mother, Dane and his WetWorks team left Waering.

When Drakken launched an attack on Waering in order to get hold of the symbiotes WetWorks were carrying, Waering was betrayed by his aide Lupo, who was killed by Drakken in return. Waering escaped and teamed up with Nathanial Blackbird, trying to change what was happening to fit his own secret agenda. Instead of helping him, Blackbird, who had had enough of Waering's schemes, attacked him when he had an opening. Trying to stop the fight Waering revealed that he was the biological father of Nathanial and Martiza, but it didn't stop Blackbird. Waering wasn't killed by the fight with his son, but a cave-in while they were fighting crushed and killed him. The cave-in was caused by Dozer trying to move above the cave and it killed Dozer and Claymore too.


Extreme longevity due to being a werewolf. In his wolf form, he has claws, fangs and enhanced strength compared to humans.


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