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Wade Wells works at the Doppler Computer Store while going to college. At this time, she worked with the other employee, Quinn Mallory whom they later share a romantic relationship.


When Wade gets excited about Quinn's discovery of interdimensional travel, she decided to join him on a roller-coaster ride to parallel Earths. However, since their journey was never-ending, Wade realized the potential dangers on other worlds. Yet the other worlds are different from ours, she manages to accept what's happening and stick with the gang, including Quinn who knows the only way back home.

The Acclaim series show several adventures not seen in the television series. For example, in one world where drugs are freely consumed, Wade become unintentionally addicted to narcotics.


In the end of Season Three, Wade was seen going with Rembrandt Brown while Quinn and Maggie had to stay behind due to the portal separation. In Season Four, Quinn and Maggie returns to Earth Prime which was conquered by the evolved human race, the Kromaggs. They both managed to find Rembrandt in his jail cell but couldn't find Wade. Wade was rumored to be taken to another world and the Sliders plans to search for her.


In Season 5, Rembrandt receives a private and telepathic message from Wade who needed his help and the other sliders. When the sliders travel to another world by a different portal, they find that Wade was being used as a cyborg experiment to open portals to other worlds and destroy them. Wade decides to initiate destruction along with her and other cyborgs but Rembrandt wouldn't leave her. The Sliders goes back to the previous world where they came from and Wade automates the destruction that kills the Kromaggs, the other cyborgs and herself.


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