Character » Vulture appears in 43 issues.

    Member of the Terrible Trio. The Trio were recurrent foes of Batman and Robin for years.

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    Armand Lydecker is part of the team of thieves known as The Terrible Trio. He later adopt the alias Volper and wear the mask of vulture. Originally, The Terrible Trio were famous inventors in Gotham City, boring rich men seeking thrills and challenges so they became a criminal band, imposing challenges to the dynamic duo. They wear business suits and masks of animals, they created their technology devices according their respective animal themes. Vulture specializes on aircraft designs.

    In other media


    Batman: the Brave and the Bold:

    He appears in eleventh episode of the series. He is shown as a boring millionare seeking for thrills. Along with Shark and Fox, tries to kill their master Wong Fei, so they can get the Wudang Tottem in order to take over Hong Kong. Using the powers of the totem, he transforms in a giant Vulture humanoid. In the first encounter he defeats Batman throwing him off. Later he is beaten by Batman transformed in a bat creature.

    He uses two swords as weapons. He is voiced by Edoardo Ballerini.


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