Vulcan Raven

    Character » Vulcan Raven appears in 5 issues.

    An Alaskan Shaman who uses a Gatlin Gun with amazing proficiency.

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    Born and bred in the wilds of Alaska, Vulcan Raven is a half-Native American, half-Inuit giant of a man. The harsh environment that formed his character resulted in a man almost immune to frigid cold; a talent further enhanced by his status as a shaman.

    As a young man, Vulcan Raven made his way to the former Soviet Union, where he made the acquaintance of Revolver Ocelot. This led, in turn, to a stint in a mercenary band in Outer Heaven, where he met the rest of the Foxhound team. Quickly joining their ranks, Vulcan Raven soon became an invaluable member.

    His prodigious strength and resiliency alone make him a formidable foe. These skills, coupled with the heightened senses and control over nature spirits granted him in his role of shaman, make him an almost unbeatable foe.


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