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    Valerie Vector is the daughter of the Grandmaster. She played a key role in his great game against the Challenger, posing as a longtime member of the Avengers.

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    Valerie Vector is the only daughter of En Dwi Gast; the cosmic elder known as the Grandmaster, the two of which would play each other for the well being of worlds they'ed barter with. Sometimes betting on how they end and in what way they are preserved. As the universal games-men won his various prizes the spoils of his victories would go to his daughter, who'ed seek to nurture and protect their winnings.


    Voyager was created by Mark Waid, Al Ewing and Jim Zubkavich, designed by Mike Allred (as per Avengers 685) and first appeared in Avengers Vol1. issue 675 (2018).

    Major Story Arcs

    The Games Begin

    As her father was met in the ultimate contest by his friend and rival turned bitterest enemy, The Challenger. A reality lost Elder of the Universe whom was caste out of reality after losing a previous game and his title to her father.

    Grandmaster would utilize his child as a secret winning piece in the ultimate challenge between the two cosmic entities, with Earth as the ultimate playing field. He would give Voyager her advanced teleportation powers in order to seed herself amongst earth's mightiest heroes as a means of fortifying their chances of winning the game, as the many heroes and villains of Earth'd all but halted the advances of her father and the other elders in the past more times than they care to count.

    Making The Avengers the ultimate obstacles both players and they're respective teams would need to overcome in order to win the ultimate prize at the end.

    Faux Introductions

    As the game was underway, what with the Elders warping the entire planet Earth out of its natural orbit in the universe and flash freezing a great many members of the various avengers teams across the globe while leaving a few of them up and active to act as challenge worthy deterrents.

    Voyager would make her debut as the missing Avenger similar to The Sentry, by working her way through the memories of the original and individual reserve members of the various incarnations of the team. Posing as the lonely child of the physicists, Arthur Vector; whose greater paid attent to his work over his family put a strain on her mother and father's relationship. An accident would occur in his lab that would prove his theory about Quantum Entanglement when Valarie would obtain powers that connected her to every individual atom and its corresponding twin across the world.

    And since then her family grew closer than ever before as a result, her dad now never losing interest in his family as they studied and paced her use of these wondrous new abilities she'd gained. As she grew older and her parents eventually published their shared findings, eventually with the onset of the superhuman community, she would meet with the founding members of Earth's Mightiest Heroes; and they would go onto form The Avengers.

    However these were all false memories implanted in every Avenger's mind and memories except the Vision, who was immune to Voyagers memory alterations due to his being a synthezoid.

    Other media


    Marvel Avengers Academy

    Voyager in Marvel Avengers Academy
    Voyager in Marvel Avengers Academy

    Voyager is a playable character in the games. She was released with the Avengers Academy 2.0 update.

    She is voiced by Kierna Conner.


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