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    Team » Vought American appears in 47 issues.

    The American corporation responsible for the creation and backing of most of the superheroes, and superhero teams in the world of The Boys.

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    Vought American is an American corporation with a reputation for pursuing profit without regard for the damage to or loss of life that their actions might cause.

    Vought have a history of cutting corners in manufacturing and producing inferior products to keep themselves in the running while competing for viable defense contracts. Although their earlier disaster in producing faulty fighter planes in the Second World War caused few ripples, a particularly brutal massacre of American troops in Vietnam thanks to the shoddy rifles Vought provided almost sunk the company.

    The corporation's reprieve though, came in their creation of the world's most powerful superbeing, the Homelander. Expensive though he was to produce, the Homelander was an overnight success with the American people, and Vought soon put into production several other superhumans, who became The Seven. Vought made massive profits through merchandising their creations, but have never lost their desire to land lucrative defense contracts.

    Vought's ultimate goal is to have superhumans adopted as the primary form of national defense in the United States, which would allow them to gain a monopoly on defense contracts, given their dominance of the superhuman industry.

    TV Series

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    In the series, the name is changed from Vought American to Vought International.


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