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    Genetically designed to be the perfect Russian cosmonaut, Vostok-X is a former member of The Others, the first super hero group Aquaman belonged to.

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    Vostok-X was created by Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis. He debuted in Aquaman #7.


    Vostok was trained to be the perfect Russian cosmonaut and was raised in a solitary chamber to prepare himself for the isolation of space. When the Soviet Union fell apart so did his program and he fled into the mountains, unable to adapt to human contact. His biggest fear is to die alone.

    Some time later he meets Aquaman and the rest of his team as they fight to save a village in Siberia from Black Manta. Later, when confronting Black Manta, he is killed.

    However he reappears later in Aquaman and The Others.

    Major Story Arcs

    Aquaman - The Others

    Vostok answers the Operative's call and arrives to their aide. He tells Ya'Wara that he has been alone on the moon for the past 2 years.

    Aquaman and The Others

    After his death at the hands of Black Manta, Vostok-X reappears. Ya'Wara discovers him in stasis on a base on the moon, after being send there by his spirit. She frees him and when he wears his helmet he remembers everything. It is revealed that he is the strongest of four clones designed to be the ultimate cosmonaut, designated Omega. With the helmet he absorbs the other clones memories and reluctantly joins the Others. He currently helps them against KGBeast (whom he had trained with) and his group.

    Powers & Abilities

    Vostok-X has a number of skills, powers and abilities as a member of secret military experiments and the wielder of powerful equipment.


    Vostok-X can fly at great speeds via his jet pack. He was able to catch up and board the Operatives hypersonic plane. The jet pack also allows flight both in Earth's atmosphere and outer space without any trouble.

    Cosmonaut Training

    Vostok-X was trained to be Russia's greatest cosmonaut and deep space explorer, able to survive any situation. His instincts and skills where honed due to the extremely harsh conditions he was made to grow in. He is also able to pilot spacecrafts.

    Isolation Training

    Vostok-X also retains the memories of the Delta clone. He was trained to be a Russian cosmonaut adept to the isolation of space. Hence he is the very definition of the term individual. The side effect of the training though is that he is uncomfortable around other individuals and has problems with the sensation of touch. Due to his training he also developed a fear of dying alone.

    KGB Training

    He was also trained by KGBeast alongside NKVDemon. He is very proficient with his twin energy guns.

    Peak Physical Condition

    Vostok-X was genetically engineered for physical supremacy. His strength, agility and stamina are the pinnacle of Soviet science. He has been hit by both the Dead King and Blockbuster and kept on fighting.

    Weaponry & Equipment

    Vostok-X wields powerful equipment that combined with his own skills makes him a tough and mobile adversary.

    Atlantean Helmet

    No Caption Provided

    One of the seven Atlantean relics crafted by the first king of Atlantis. It is potentially indestructible and grants the user the ability to survive great lengths of time without food, water, oxygen, or sleep.

    Jet Pack

    Vostok has a jet pack which he uses to fly. It is strong enough to fly him from the moon to Earth but the power source is never revealed though. It can also be used to blast away opponents who try to restrain Vostok-X.

    Twin Energy Guns

    Vostok-X wields twin energy guns. They are powerful enough to kill Atlanteans or keep Blockbuster at bay. Vostok is trained by KGBeast in the use of weapons and is very skilled with his guns.

    Vostok-X Suit

    The suit is designed for space travel and can withstand the rigors and cold of space.


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