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    Vortex was an alien destroyer of worlds who became a superpower being with the help of a God Machine he built to raise an army he was once a part of.

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    Ghost and Vortex
    Ghost and Vortex
    Vortex was a part of a large alien military force that destroyed worlds.  Vortex became disillusioned with his role in the genocide of planets as a Destroyer and went A-wol.  He stole the motor to make a God Machine to create a force that would challenge the army he was once a part of.  On every planets he set up his God Machine he had bad results.  On some planets nothing would happen.  On other planets people would mutate and die.   

    In the 1930's he came to Earth and tries to rebuild his God Machine but it was destroyed by a nuclear bomb in 1947.  This gave Vortex the powers he had wanted to give the people of all the planets and it created a real vortex in Nevada near Cinnibar Flats.  It also released parts of the machine that gave powers to the people of earth like Ghost and her sister Margo Cameron.

    Powers and Abilities

    Vortex gained his powers after his god machine was corrupted by an Atomic Blast, and he was drawn into the Maelstrom. 






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