Vorpal Sword

    Object » Vorpal Sword appears in 57 issues.

    An enchanted incisor that can cut through everything and kills in a single strike.

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    A magic blade famed from the poem "Jabberwocky" by Lewis Carroll, this sword has the ability to cut through anything, even high-level enchantments, with the characteristic sound snicker-snack

    Major Story Arcs

    Legends in Exile

    The first appearance of the Vorpal sword was when it was wielded by Snow. In an effort to protect Bigby Wolf from a disturbance, she grasped the sword and ran to him. When Bigby questioned her about her ability to use a sword, she stated that it didn't really matter since the Vorpal sword would kill anything it touched. 

    March of the Wooden Soldiers

    Even after Boy Blue had been tortured by Baba Yaga, he still wanted to help the other Fables fight in the imminent battle against the Wooden Soldiers. Doctor Swineheart, using medical bandages, tied the Vorpal sword into Blue's closed hands so that he could help.


    When Boy Blue decides to sneak off to the Homelands to kill the Adversary, he borrows the Witching Cloak and the Vorpal sword from Fabletown to help him.  With those magical implements, he begins to cut a swath through the Adversary's lands, killing whole regiments of goblin soldiers, politicians, and anyone else who stood in his way, garnering him the reputation of the dreaded Black Knight. When he made his way to the Rus, he comes up against Baba Yaga's three powerful knights: Bright Day, Radiant Sun, and Dark Night. He easily overpowers all three. Working his way towards Calabri Anagi, the Imperial City, Blue makes his in to see the Emperor, beheading the man in the process. However, he is captured by the Snow Queen's magic before he could escape.

    Once in custody, he discovers that the true Adversary is none other than Geppetto--the puppeteer pulling the strings. Blue manages to escape, trying to kill the old man in the process; however, his efforts were fruitless as Geppetto had spent centuries fortifying himself with every sort of protection spell that he and his army of sorcerers could think up. 

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