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The 'Vores are extortionists in Puerto Rico who plan on blackmailing an innkeeper. They're identities are never revealed, as each member wears a distinct animal mask (the leader, for example, takes the appearance of a goat). The inn appears to be in serious jeopardy until Rick Jones, who happens to be on vacation (while taking a break from recording albums), finds out about the gang. Later that night, while Rick is talking to the innkeeper, the 'Vores, shortly after crashing in, eavesdrop on the conversation and quickly go after him. Rick holds his own in the early stages of the fight, but ends up getting knocked out cold by a long pipe (as swung by the member wearing a bull mask). The 'Vores invade the inn the next night, finding a confident Rick standing alone. The members wearing masks of a wolf and pig, respectively, charge after him, but step on hidden spring floorboards, forcing them across the room and promptly taking them out of the fight. Seeing that Rick came into the fight prepared, the man in the bull mask tries to put him away quickly, only to get pressure-pointed a few seconds later. Rick then takes out the leader through a rigged blinding light set, ending the 'Vores very brief reign.  


Goat- The leader of the gang, armed with a steel chain  
Wolf- Armed with a knife 
Bull- The biggest and strongest member of the gang, who knocks out Rick with a pipe in their first fight 
Pig- Armed with what appeared to a medical scalpel

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