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    While her teammates are Kherubim or half-Kherubim, Voodoo has ancestry both Kheran and Daemonite, the race the WildC.A.T.S fight against.

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    Voodoo’s original origin differs from that in the new 52. Her real name is Priscilla Kitaen. She originally worked as a stripper before she was discovered by the WildC.A.T.s and the Daemonites. Both groups were after her because she had a unique ability called the “Sight” which allows her to detect when someone is being controlled by a Daemonite and remove it from the body.

    In the new 52 there are in fact two Voodoos, one who is a Daemonite clone of the other and being used as an agent against the superheroes of Earth. As of yet very little has been revealed about the two characters, other than the original was being held in a government facility against her will. After Voodoo is freed and told what her clone has been doing she reacts poorly to the information, specifically that the clone was a strip club dancer. This suggests a break from the past of the character wherein that was a core part of her origin. Also she is shown outside of a relatively normal house in the USA somewhere, and thus it is suggested that she had a fairly common upbringing.

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    The final issue of the monthly series revealed her origin (as part of DC's Zero Month of the new 52 dealing specifically with team origins.) Priscilla was a regular woman who went out one night and was abducted by Daemonites. They had abducted many humans with the interest of experimenting on them. In Priscilla's case something went wrong as she was able to escape her containment tank where she was monitored while the experiments took place. The action was shown to be occurring on a Daemonite spaceship which was cloaked within the Earth's atmosphere. After escaping she exhibited her power for the first time. She also witnessed the other humans that were being experimented on as well as other humans in containment cells.

    They begged for her return but she instead ran, vowing to return for them. She broke through the hull not yet realizing that it was an aircraft. She had previously transformed into herself but with wings and scales and she used this to slow her descent. In the meantime breaching the hull had made the Daemonite ship show up on radar and they were soon attacked by the Black Razors (including Jessica Fallon.) Priscilla was rescued but taken into custody. Meanwhile the aliens aboard the ship decided to clone her from leftover genetic material.


    Voodoo first appeared in WildC.A.T.S. #1 in August 1992 and was created by Brandon Choi and Jim Lee. Her first appearance under the DC label was in Voodoo #5 in 2012.

    Character Evolution

    Wildstorm Universe

    After she joined the WildC.A.T.s her many psychic and animalistic powers were revealed. She would began a long running relationship with team leader Spartan for some time. After she was shot and sent into a coma, the team member Void used a computer to enter her mind. There it was revealed that she was a descendant from a Kherubim who had been controlled by a Daemonite making her a Kherubim/Daemonite/human hybrid.

    Post-Flashpoint / Earth 0

    The character in the DC relaunch was first shown to be somewhat ambiguous. Although a hero in the past, her heroic actions were not always completely moral. The new Voodoo was quite the opposite of a hero though, killing her way across the southern United States. This character's motivation was to serve her Daemonite overlords, which she did to the best of her ability. After confronting a secret government facility she realized that she was in fact a clone and that the real Voodoo lay trapped in a form of stasis. The real Voodoo was freed and sought to find and stop the clone.

    After the realization that the past actions of the clone have affected how she is perceived, she seeks to "get her life back." In addition to this she holds some grudge against the Black Razors because she was imprisoned by them. By the end of her series she achieves this closure.

    Major Story Arcs

    Wildstorm Universe


    As Voodoo's origin story formed the basis for her first real story arc, the subsequent story arcs were quite often focused on explaining more about her background. During a mission with the team a crashed Kherubium spaceship is discovered and to keep it from destroying the Earth, they use it to travel to the planet Khera. Upon arriving there she is made to go to a Daemonite ghetto and finds that the war between Daemonites and Kherubims is over and the Daemonites have lost. She finds that most Daemonites were not villains and the Earth based Daemonites were composed of a group of fanatic zealots. After finding the rest of the team, she is insulted by Zealot and loses faith in the whole Kherubim race, but is still able to stop a plan to kill Zealot. Due to everything she sees on Khera she leaves the team when they return to Earth.

    Voodoo becomes an exotic dancer again living in New Orleans. After meeting two men named Attibon and Carry-4 she begins to work for Christian Charles at the Midnight Lounge. She becomes friends with fellow dancer Purity. She later meets a prostitute named Freda and an ex-hitman named Saturday. However, it is revealed that Attibon, Freda, and Saturday are actually Erzulie, Papa Legba and Baron Samedi, three deities related to Voodoo. It is also revealed that Charles was killing his dancers so he can take their blood and bathe in it. This was part of an attempt to perform a ritual that would bring back to life his evil magician father Jean-Pierre LaCroix. Carry-4 is revealed to be an evil Voodoo deity named Mait Carrefour.

    Charles intends to kill Purity, but Voodoo and David Dove (the detective investigating the murders) are able to save her life. However, Charles had gained enough blood to be able to perform the ritual. Voodoo allows Erzulie Freda to take control of her body, and then Erzulie Freda is able to lure LaCroix back into the afterlife. After the events of this series, Voodoo decides that her encounter is proof that she should become a master in understanding the practices of voodoo, and at that time she is taken in by a teacher of sorcery named Gran'Mere.

    Some months later after the incident, Priscilla goes back to the WildC.A.T.s. However, her time with the team is short-lived as the team breaks up after Zealot is assumed to have died. She and Jeremy Stone begin to live together and they soon realize that they are in love. Soon after, due to her connection with the Halo Corporation she is attacked by Samuel Smith, the grandson of Slaughterhouse Smith who wanted revenge for Spartan (Jack Marlowe) killing his father. He attacks Voodoo, cutting off her legs and seriously hurting her neck. He is subsequently beaten by Grifter and Jack. Grifter is able to get Jeremy to stop trying to remove Voodoo’s Daemonite abilities. The hospital staff are amazed at the rate at which she heals from her injuries. Soon she meets a Daemonite who was against the others. He is able to teach her about her powers to control time and even her regenerating powers, causing her legs to be fully restored.

    The old Daemonite also gets Voodoo to engage in a relationship with Stone. The relationship between the two does not last long as Voodoo discover that she can enhance her telepathic abilities by having sex with others and Stone is unable to deal with the fact that she is intimate with more men than just himself. Voodoo decides to break up with Stone and the two begin to fight. However, due to a side effect of his powers, Stone loses his intelligence with his size and Voodoo enrages him so he would forget the purpose of the battle and she uses this to leave him.

    Along with the rest of the Wildstorm Universe, Priscilla becomes involved in the battle with Captain Atom and during the battle she displays new magnetic powers and uses them to control his body. However after she attempts to use her telepathy on him, he is able to connect her to the minds of every source of knowledge, causing her to pass out from the overload. Priscilla later becomes a stripper again. She performs for very rich clients such as shieks, until Spartan contacts her and after a night of passion she goes to work for him, with him tripling her common salary.

    World's End

    After the U.S. government captures and clones the superhero High, clones called Reapers are let loose on the world. Their programing causes them to attack anyone and anything, including superheroes. They cause so much damage to the planet itself that Earth is sent off its axis, smog covers the sun and more and more super powered beings appear. However the WildC.A.Ts are not as badly affected as the rest of the world, due to the batteries that the Halo Company had build that would not die. This meant they had technology and power. Voodoo once again joins the team, led by Spartan now without his Void powers. She along with the rest of the team is attacked by Mr. Majestic. Majestic had been raiding Halo for anything he needed and bringing it back to his new land in Hawaii. He offers some of the team a chance to come with him but does not ask Voodoo, due to her Daemonite side, however all members refuse.

    The team go on a mission to Nevada in search of an oasis of life that appears after the world ended which may or may not be the garden made by the first Engineer. They find the location defended by Paris and Gramalkin and Voodoo and Grifter fight them so that they can share the garden. Maul goes crazy during the battle and begins to destroy the forest, but is stopped by Voodoo. However after the fight they realize the area was made by the Paladin Tumbleweed. They want to use his powers to create more gardens but finds he can only maintain one at a time and remains there to keep it alive. She later has to counsel Spartan after he becomes more and more depressed at the loss of his Void powers and the chance to fix things. Their talk ends with a kiss that Maul sees.

    Soon things only become worse as the team's old foes the Daemonites make their way to Los Angeles lead by Lord Defile. However, after noticing that the Daemonites can survive unprotected in L.A., Voodoo makes a type of truce between the two sides and gets Defile to agree by resurrecting a small undead army of his victims.

    Post-Flashpoint / Earth 0

    Following the events of Flashpoint, the DC Universe was relaunched and incorporated in characters previously in the Wildstorm and Vertigo universes. In the case of Voodoo this meant for the first time in her publication history an ongoing monthly title and the first time that she appeared in mainstream DC Continuity. However, as was later revealed the early appearances of this new Voodoo was in fact a clone of hers. She was revealed as a strip club dancer that was doing so to gain military secrets from the loose lips of soldiers from a nearby and then went on a murderous rampage across the southern United States as she sought out her alien masters. After confronting Kyle Rayner she continued on her original mission and after infiltrating a government complex she discovered that she was actually the clone of the real Voodoo.

    After issue 8 it was decided that the series would be discontinued after issue 12 and the remainder of the series evolved into a conflict between the two, which started with the clone engaging Voodoo in the southwestern desert (while killing Black Jack and Jessica Fallon). Voodoo subsequently joined the Black Razors, hoping to track down her clone, and eventually ending up on Europa (the moon of Jupiter.)

    After a brief confrontation with her a stalemate is reached and Voodoo flees with the Blue Flame, while the clone remains behind on the planet to be idolized by the random Daemonites. During the battle though Voodoo was able to sever their telepathic link. Once back on Earth Voodoo chooses to join the Black Razors and discovers that Grifter is in need of help.

    For a short time she joined Grifter in his own self titled series, but this series was canceled as well in another wave of cancelations and launches.

    Powers and Abilities

    As with the remainder of the character's appearances, there is a difference between the pre-mainstream DC Universe character and the post-mainstream DC universe character. Additionally this is also complicated by the fact that in the post-mainstream DC Universe version of the character that there are fact two versions of the character, Voodoo herself and the clone. The clone generally has exhibited more advanced powers than Voodoo though it can be assumed that seeing as they are essentially the same being that Voodoo herself possesses the same powers, only that she has not developed them yet, or that she is not aware that she can use them in this way.

    The Sight

    Voodoo is part human, Kherubim and Daemonite which results in her having unique abilities not seen in either two. She has the power of the “Sight” which allows her to see any being or object as it truly is, meaning she is not affected by shape-shifters or any type of illusion.


    She is a telepath, meaning she has the power to read or take over a person's mind. She can focus her mental powers into a mental attack. She is also an empath allowing her to feel the emotions of those she chooses. As with all Daemonite machinery, they are receptive to Daeminite on a telepathic level and thus she can use her telepathic abilities to pilot Daemonite vehicles as well.


    Another powerful gift is that she can separate any being that is possessing a body and she often uses this gift against Daemonites. It does usually result in pain and at times it may also hurt Voodoo herself. This power can be used from a distance, but she usually gets close to the person she is using it on.


    Due to training from a Daemonite, Voodoo can use more of the traditional powers attributed to a Daemonite. She can transform, revealing Daemonite parts resulting in her having claws, super strength, speed. She has the power to regrow lost limbs and heal from wounds faster than a normal human. She also has the power to control time itself and has recently used magnetic powers that were strong enough to control Captain Atom’s suit and even the tiny iron particles in his blood. She has been trained in traditional Voodoo magic and has even used the power of a Voodoo deity. Recently she has shown the power to animate the dead.

    Unarmed Combat

    She has also received Coda training from Zealot, Majestrix of the Coda, making her a deadly martial arts expert. she has also been shown to exhibit exceptional healing abilities, including regenerating limbs.



    Following the reboot into the DC Universe, her powers have become one of the most defined aspects of her character as her background remains clouded in mystery. Her placement as a deep cover information gatherer for the Daemonites means that she has both a range of abilities and a substantial amount of training to accomplish her goal. Her natural abilities include shapeshifting, telepathy, the produtions of projectile quills and the secretion of poison. The shapeshifting requires that she have contact with an individual first before being able to copy their appearance (though this ability has been shown to operate on animals as well). She is only capable of transforming a certain times within a short period as it takes a physical toll on her body. Her telepathy is somewhat limited, though it does give her the ability to analyze an enemy for their weaknesses.

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    Voodoo's shapeshifting can be utilized in different ways, for instance she has the ability to create wings for flight (though the clone never exhibited this ability) or to copy animals. Also her shapeshifting has been used to provide a limited form of camouflage, as she can take on the colours of other objects which she might be standing in front of (though this is a fairly crude version of this ability.)


    Along with her limited abilities in telepathy is a weakness in that she is unable to control her own mind when she uses these abilities, thus leaving herself vulnerable to counter telepathy.

    Claws & Quills

    She is able to shoot the quills from her body over a short range, but the poison secretion has not been shown to be effective except through the lips. In her natural Daemonite form she also has razor sharp claws. Her training is not explained, but seemingly involves knowledge of espionage and related fields. She is able to infiltrate undetected into a high security facility and she is also adept at using seduction to her advantage, including as a distraction in combat.

    Unarmed Combat

    She is also a skilled hand- to-hand combatant, especially so as she transforms between human and Daemonite forms. Although the member of an alien race it appears that her knowledge of high tech items is rather limited. She has also been shown to be able to create weapons out of her body such as changing her arm into a spear. She has also used this ability to to act as a hook if she is trying remain stationary. As well during battles she has been shown to develop scales which she uses to bolster her defenses.

    The cloned version of Priscilla has exhibited an application of the knowledge that she learned while exotic dancing. She uses this both in combat and as a means of manipulating men.

    Survival in Harsh Environments

    On a mission to Europa, both Priscilla and her clone exhibited the ability to function in the environment of Europa (the moon of Jupiter) while other humans required protection.

    Other Versions


    Voodoo appeared as old woman.

    Other Media


    WildC.A.T.s series

    Voodoo appeared in the cartoon show.


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