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During the events of the The Omen Voodoo Childe is in LA and meets Vex, who has amnesia after being cast out of Wrathworld and landing naked in the ocean, in a C.O.D.A. (Church of the Divine Ascension) homeless shelter. She befriends Vex, who thinks her name is Mary, and tell her her true name but it fails to bring back any memory. The two like each other (Childe interested by the aura coming off Vex but confused by her free spirited nature and playfulness) and head out on the town and end up at Oblivia's club.

Oblivia attacks Vex on sight as her aura of evil offends and threatens her greatly. Vex combats Oblivia without knowing how she is doing it and is spirited away by Serendipity before Childe can do anything. Childe then follows Oblivia home to see why she attacked Vex. There she tries to foil what looks like an attack on Oblivia from Morgan Gallows, Rip and Carcass. She quickly finds out that all of them are in a vision of Gallows about Armageddon and they need to work together. She reveals to Gallows the name of Vex as the last person from his vision that he was unable to identify.

Childe becomes known to The Savior and asks Serendipity to find her and bring her to his clan. He is gathering the special talented together to create a master race to supplant ordinary humans as the dominant race on earth. Gallows' home comes under attack during the night by demonic and zombie followers of Savior. They are winning the battle until Morgan takes a silver bullet to the chest. They extract the bullet but Gallows is laid low while he heals. Carcass and and Voodoo Childe get caught up in riots started by The Savior, having to hold up in an abandoned building.

Child returns to the C.O.D.A. shelter to pick up her belongings but the duty manager tells her she never checked in. He calls for someone named Peter and a huge hooded man walks up behind her, who has no aura, and knocks her unconscious with a shoulder pinch. Peter is also known as Crush and now works for The Savior.

Crush brings Childe to Savior. He has her put into a straight jacket for 'her own safety' and when she wakes she fears she is back in the asylum. He reassures her she is not and removes the jacket and explains his plans to her. She senses his aura is good and just and is confused by Gallows' negative description of his motives. She communes with the the spirit plane and discovers Saviors can cloud minds to his wickedness and decides she has to leave his house and seek guidance. . She communes with her grandmothers spirit who tells her that help is coming and not to fear the wolfman. Childe watches Vex and Savior make a pact but is unaware if Vex knows what she is doing or not.

Childe uses an invisibility spell to enable her to get past Vex and Savior as they plan an attack on Gallows. She arrives ahead of Vex and starts to battle with Serendipity while also informing Vex that she is being tricked. Vex unleashes her chaos powers and Childe battles it with her good magic until Vex's concentration is broken with a punch from Oblivia. Oblivia embraces the creature she is inside and raises a pillar of flame from earth to sky about her that becomes a blast wave that flattens everyone. Carcass awakes first and takes his friends to safety. Two days later in Malibu she confirms that he will join in Gallows' quest to prevent Armageddon along with everyone else including the one again innocent Vex.


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