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    Although he never uses his given name (Aurelio Voltaire Hernández), artist, musician, animator and comic artist Voltaire is a name in many fields of the creative arts.

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    An incredibly prolific and versatile musician, artist, toy designer, writer, and professor, Aurelio Voltaire Hernandez has a large presence in the New York goth scene. Voltaire also self-identifies as a Trekkie, which has emerged in his songs. The scope of his music, however, ranges well beyond any single genre; while songs like "God Thinks" interrogate the relationship between religion and adherent, other pieces in his catalog use cabaret, folk, and punk conventions to parody and play with various fandoms and subcultures.


    He has released over eleven albums, four comics, three books (Paint it Black, What is Goth?, and Call of the Jersey Devil), and countless short stop-motion films. All comics are completely sold out and out of print. However, a remastered re-release of Chi-Chian in graphic novel format is in the works between his work on new books, albums, and toys. Aetherco published a role-playing game based on his Chi-Chian comics, simply titled Chi-Chian: The Role-Playing Game. Rumors stemming from Voltaire himself suggest that an "Oh My Goth!" motion picture may be in the works.

    On television

    Voltaire has written at least two songs for The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, and was featured in an episode of Oddities, airing on the Science Channel.


    He should not be confused for Voltaire, the French Enlightenment-era author.


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