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    A member of the Suicide Squad with the power to generate and project electricity.

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    Voltaic's origins are not explored much beyond having been a Gotham based criminal and a soldier of fortune before his capture by Black Spider, but he appears to have simply been a Metahuman who chose to use his talents for personal gain.


    Voltaic was created by Suicide Squad writer Adam Glass.

    Character Evolution

    Voltaic was a standard meta criminal from Gotham. During Amanda Waller's torture he proved he was resilient enough to keep silent and remain loyal to his team. His loyalty results in his own death at the hands of the team leader Deadshot.

    Major Story Arcs

    Voltaic was a Gotham criminal imprisoned by fellow Suicide Squad member Black Spider, who had a tenure as a superhero and was apparently arrested wrongly, whom he understandably held a grudge against. Voltaic was among those tough enough to endure Amanda Waller's torturous "test of loyalty," where he and his teammates were tricked into believing they'd be captured by enemy forces and were pumped for information to see if they'd break under pressure and give away the Suicide Squad's secrets. Having past the test, he and his team were air dropped into a packed stadium under orders to kill everyone inside. The stadium's occupants had been infected by a techno-organic virus that turns people into cannibalistic cyborg "zombies," hence the kill order.

    Voltaic on with the Suicide Squad on their first true mission.
    Voltaic on with the Suicide Squad on their first true mission.

    Voltaic's powers gave him a huge advantage over the infected since their partially metallic components made them excellent conductors for his electrical attacks. When Deadshot ordered the Squad to divide up into two teams to cover more ground, he picked Voltaic to accompany him and King Shark. Deadshot was quite impressed by Voltaic's powers more than once, and Voltaic in turn followed Deadshot's orders obediently during the mission, even referring to him as boss. He told Voltaic to zap everything and to take no chances, as any of the infected could eventually pose a threat and there was no effective way to discern whether or not they were truly dead.

    After the team had found their target, they fought the woman who had also been infected. After some conflict, the infected woman was killed and Deadshot realizes that the package which the woman was carrying was in fact the baby in her womb. The baby is important because it is truly immune to the infection. After displaying extreme loyalty to the unofficial leader of the makeshift team, Voltaic is killed by the man he had proven his loyalty to, because Deadshot received orders from Amanda Waller so that Voltaic could be used as a scapegoat and be blame for the incident that happened within the stadium.

    After Death, Black Spider and El Diablo discovered that Voltaic had been blamed for all of the deaths. El Diablo realized what Deadshot did. Diablo eventually confronted Deadshot after Black Spider had been shot to try to convince Deadshot to help move Spider. It didn't work but Harley Quinn helped get Black Spider out of to the evac.

    After the ordeal of being killed, battling Regulus, dealing with Death of The Family, and being reborn, Deadshot is being escorted with Harley Quinn to their next mission, and are surprised to see Yo-Yo, King Shark and Voltaic waiting for him. Deadshot expresses his disbelief, claiming he specifically shot Voltaic dead in the face, watching his brains splatter. Voltaic never says anything. The Team attacks the Triads and Red Orchid's Elite Guards. As the rest of the Team fights, Yo-Yo helps Voltaic. Voltaic is suddenly impaled directly through the heart. Yo-Yo is about to tell Waller when Voltaic incinerates the guard with a massive Lightning blast, then simply removes the sword. Later, as Red Orchid attacks, Voltaic fires lightning, only to have his head eaten by a venus flytrap. However, he is seen completely unharmed afterwards.

    After the battle with Red Orchid and her Triad, Voltaic joins Deadshot, Harley, King Shark and Waller through the sewers in a desperate attempt to rescue Kurt Lance. Not long after, The Team is attacked by a sewer monster who blames Waller for his transformation. Waller is out cold, as Voltaic creates an electric bubble, keeping everyone afloat in the tidal wave of swamp water. The swamp monster manages to break into the bubble, and fills Voltaic with poisonous water, only to be electrocuted in his own water.

    Voltaic is then recovering with the group when Deadshot decides to abandon Waller and her mission while she's out cold. The rest of the Team disagrees, saying they gave Waller their word they'd help. Deadshot can't believe what he's hearing and asks if their kidding. Unknown Soldier then appears, tells Deadshot a man's word always matters, and shoots him in the chest.

    Voltaic is later seen back in the prison, taunting Unknown Soldier while the play Scrabble as Harley looks on, and Deadshot recovers in Intensive Care. Waller gives signal to Soldier while Voltaic taunts him about his past wars and if he killed kids. Unknown Soldier then rips a piece of the table and violently beats Voltaic to death.

    Later, Voltaic is seen in Intensive Carre, being given a special serum that brings people back to life. The serum doesn't seem to work, and Voltaic's corpse begins to contract while electricity fills the room.

    Powers & Abilities

    Electricity Generation and Control

    He possesses the ability to generate powerful volts of electricity easily capable of vaporizing a human body, which came in handy for killing the techno-zombies as well as disposing of their remains. He would usually fire his electrical attacks from his hands, but displayed the ability to channel a more powerful attack through the stadium's bleachers to slay multiple enemies, the only downside to that move being that it leaves him drained for a few hours.


    It is assumed he was not initially immortal, but Waller may have done something to his corpse, bringing him back to life and making him immortal. He is shown being impaled through the heart with a kitana, and having his entire head engulfed by a venus flytrap and surviving, however it is unknown how his head was still intact


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