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    Ilya Dubromovitch Skorzorki code named Volk, Russian for Wolf. He was a KGB operative during the Cold War.

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    Volk was a counter intelligence operative for the KGB prior to his physical enhancements assigned to bring back a U.S.S.R nuclear arms designer named, Dimitri Suhkarov and his daughter Viktoria, who chose to defect from their homeland. It is here where he 1st encountered the man named, Logan who would one day be known to the world as Wolverine. Logan at the time was an espionage operative sent into Siberia to escort the Doctor and his daughter from the Soviet Union. Volk was an excellent tracker able to pick up their trail in the Siberian winter, Logan choosing to double back and protect his charges faced off against three of Volks soldier but miscalculated. Volk was able to slip past Logan and catch the Doctor and his daughter on a near by bridge, Logan managed to defeat the three soldiers with nothing but a combat knife but was wounded in the process by their machine gun fire.

    Injured Logan managed to reach the bridge while Volk was threatening the Doctor and his Daughter at gunpoint ordering them to return to the Soviet Union or be killed, Logan Jumped onto Volk where they began to fight one another. Logan was too injured and weakened to put up much of a fight against Volk who managed to get the advantage in the struggle and shoot the Doctor in the back and point the gun back at Logan's face.

    Volk succeeding in his mission to prevent the Doctor's defection and felt generous enough to give Logan the Daughter as a consolation prize for being a worthy opponent and save passage. Logan begrudgingly excepted and escorted Viktoria out of the country.

    Some years later Volk was elected into the KGB's Super Soldier Program to create genetically enhanced agents. His DNA was crafted and combined with Wolf DNA which enhanced his already natural tracking abilities as well as give him the ability to transform into a werewolf - like creature at will.

    After the fall of the Soviet Union Volk became a freelance operative offering his services to various organizations at random with no apparent motive. He does not follow any particular ideology nor appears to need money but simply takes jobs that interest him a mystery only to himself.

    Soon after Operation Zero Tolerance Volk was hired by a man named Browser to locate and terminate Wolverine, it is during this meeting at a secret shadow government headquarters that we find out that Volk had been studying Wolverine for years and already had files of Wolverine and the Weapon X project. Volk considered Wolverine a point of professional interest explaining his extensive knowledge of Wolverine and the enhancements Logan had undergone at the hands of Weapon X.

    Volk accepts the mission to kill wolverine with great pleasure and begins to hunt for Logan in New York City. Wolverine is given ample warning of Volk's mission to kill him by Viktoria who now works for Canadian Secret Service and has been keeping tabs on Volk for personal reasons in hopes of one day killing him and avenging her father. After Wolverine reasons the information he decides to wait for Volk to find him in a seedy bar in hopes of not endangering innocent people and not much caring for the riffraff that frequent that particular bar. Volk immediately located Logan at the dive bar and began to fight with Logan both started to allow their animal instincts to take over. This causing Volk to start to transform into his wolf like form while Logan was struggling to contain his animal rage which was getting harder to do, due to Volk's presence eliciting a primal response within him especially after Volk killed the Bartender who was Logan's friend.

    Wolverine struggled to regain his senses backed away from Volk refusing to fight any longer not wishing to succumb to the animal within him. Volk angry at Logan's refusal to continue fighting told Logan that he would take back his gift that he had once given him and crashed through a window leaving Logan to ponder his words.

    In Transition
    In Transition

    Logan soon realized what he meant and ran to Viktoria's Loft in hopes of reaching her before Volk but was slowed down by city traffic arriving too late to the loft and failing to rescue Viktoria. The phone ringing Logan answered the phone knowing Volk was on the other end, Volk threaten to kill Viktoria if Logan refused to meet him on the stone bridge in Siberia where they 1st encountered each other for a final dual for the life of Viktoria. Wolverine agreed to meet Volk and got on the 1st plane to Ul'yanovsk to face Volk in their final battle.

    Arriving on the bridge in a car Wolverine chose to face Volk in his X-Man costume, Volk standing in front of the bridge released Viktoria and immediately lunged at Wolverine allowing his transformation to take hold. Both men allowed the animal rage in each of them to take hold effecting Volk more so then Logan, as the fight continued Volk became bigger more feral and aggressive losing his humanity in the struggle with wolverine.

    Wolverine soon realized what was happening the harder the fought each other the more animal tool over Volk mentally and physically while Wolverine struggled all his life to contain the animal Volk welcomed it and more then anything wanted it to take hold. Wolverine and Volk exchanged claw stabs and swipes at one another till Volk finally began to shrink and take on a more normal Wolf appearance. Wolverine and the Wolf locked eyes and both stopped fighting each other Logan realized that the animal had no animosity toward Wolverine or anyone else but simply wanted to be.

    New Form
    New Form

    Viktoria witnessing Volk's final transformation tried to kill it but Logan interfered allowing it to run off into the wilderness, Viktoria angry at both Logan and Volk choose instead to chase after him into the wild in hopes of avenging her father's murder.

    Wolverine learned a lesson when facing Volk and watching Viktoria running off seeking vengeance:

    "That animals kill only for survival. They don't kill out of anger or vengeance. Maybe what I've really been fighting is my human nature.

    "The cruelest, the most unnatural beast on the face of the earth, the one most likely to destroy everything is Man."

    - Wolverine-


    Volk is a highly skilled KGB operative with combat training and tracking skills long before being genetically altered, He has been trained in hand to hand combat and Soviet Union's weapons handling. He was once considered to be the Best in covert espionage during the Cold War.

    After being genetically crafted with Wolf DNA his tracking skills were amplified by multiple factors. Volk possesses animal keen senses in hearing, smell and sight similar to that of a wolf and above that of your standard human.

    Volk in his werewolf-like form possesses exceptionally sharp claws capable of easily slashing through flesh and muscle as well as possessing pronounced Canines. He increases in height and mass granting him superhuman strength at the apex of his transformation making him a formidable enemy. The transformation can be triggered two ways one is by conscious trigger initiated by Volk the second is by the increase of stimuli and adrenaline during battle which will further push his transformation to that of an average Siberian Wolf locking him into his animal form.

    Volk also seems to possess a Healing Factor allowing him to engage Wolverine in close quarter battle and survive claw strikes to its body by Wolverine and shrug off gunshot wounds from handguns.


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