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The Void Hound is a tremendously powerful AI hailing from the antimatter universe; it has served as the consciousness of a plethora of superweapons. Its intelligent, analytical mind and incredibly advanced weapons system can adapt to enemy combat styles and heavily upgrade existing technologies based upon memories and designs engraved in its memory. Originally the mind for a Qwardian superweapon of the same name, it eventually was revealed to be much more than that.

Its origins involve a story similar to the normal Earth's history of The Construct; a consciousness born of countless computers interacting with each other. The Qwardians captured a roving entity and uploaded it into the operative system of the Void Hound, their top weapon. Constructed with nothing less than supreme power in mind, hearkening to their legends of Erdammeru, the malevolent god of destruction of the Qwardian pantheon. The station included countless weapons of ultimate destruction onboard which could enable it to rend entire galaxies asunder; leaving life bearing star systems uninhabitable for generations to come. Hidden for eons in Oa's moon, the weapon was retrieved by a cadre on angry Qwardians, who wished to conquer the positive-matter universe because of the past losses and indignities Qward had suffered in its past.

However, the legends spoke of all who tried to commandeer the weapon as dying shortly of burnout, as they couldn't handle the strain of driving a weapon with such capabilities. The Highlord of Qward tried to do so, and was enthralled by the power of the Hound, soon losing his mind to the weapon and desiring none other thing than to destroy all of his enemies. When the superweapon headed to Earth, John Stewart managed to absorb its consciousness into his Green Lantern ring, thereby ruining the warship.

Millions of systemic failures cascaded as the machine died. Yet the Void Hound was not done. Tired of its imprisonment within the ring, it began slowly consuming Stewart until it gained a measure of ascendancy above his mind and therefore the ring. Controlling the most powerful weapon in the universe, it began remaking Stewart to escape to true freedom, giving him the gifts of technopathy and cyberization as his mind was slowly overridden by the machine mind. Ultimately, in the modified world created by Morgaine Le Fey and Enigma, the ring fell to the Hound's control, and Stewart could do nothing as the ring, with him along for the ride, took him to outer space, where the machine built a body for itself using Oan and Qwardian technologies--a true Hound of the Void. It was found in this state by Krona, who offered it the chance to become his personal warhound. Intrigued and surprised by the fact it was given choice, the Hound eagerly agreed to hunt for Krona, to kill entire solar systems and galaxies in its path.

However, it became intrigued even more when the Nightlord, Batman's divine form, offered him even more in exchange for participating in an assault against Krona. The warmech took its time and decided to take the offer as well, intrigued at the prospect of having an actual destiny beyond hunting for no reason. Its databanks and intelligence were thus infused with the soul of the daughter of the antimatter universe's Riddler, Stephanie Nashton. Guided by her hand, both now strive to make a difference in the antimatter Earth without resorting to the violent methods of the Crime Syndicate.


The Void Hound Warship had a vast applications teamed with an otherworldly arsenal of horrendous destructive power at it's disposal. Said vessel boasts one of the sharpest Artificial Intelligence networks ever devised. While the technology comprising it is ever growing and adapting to new threats and opposition standing in its path; easily able to take into account all of the fighting styles, abilities and attack patterns develop various countermeasures against them. Adjusting and developing new technology and weapons systems for the reinforcement of it's hull as well as adjusting its attack and defense strategies. Munitions aboard said albatross include squadrons worth of technomorphing space drones called it's Fangs easily able to dispatch planetary defense systems or morph into clawed rocket appendages to tear through enemy ships, Tesseract Bombs capable of pulling space inside out rendering whole solar systems uninhabitable, Gravitic Whirlpools that can rend cities & biospheres asunder,Holocaust Beams able to rip chasms into continents stretching miles in expanse, Magnetosphere Inverters switching the polarity of planetary poles and other such weapons capable of destroying suns.


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