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Jason Cragg acquired his abilities when he accidently breathed ionized atoms and gained the power to make anyone do anything he commanded. He wanted to become the most powerful man in the world with his new found abilities but came into conflict with Hank Pym who was Ant-Man at the time. Ant Man used his shrinking ability to crawl across the Voice's microphone and cover it with laryngitis germs. It ruined Jason Cragg's voice and nullified his new powers. He became a bum on the street until he was approached by Madame X and she told him her government would help him. They performed hundreds of micro-operations on his vocal cords and tongue. They also built a rig to amplify his voice with digital precision.

Voice would try to get revenge on Dr. Pym when Hank and members of the West Coast Avengers go to a communist country to look for Hank's first wife named Maria Trovaya. There Hank and the Avengers would come across Peoples Defence Force. This group consited of all of Pym's former enemies during the Cold War days. Voice who was a member, used his abilities to take control of the West Coast Avengers and forced them to hunt down Hank Pym. Hank Pym managed to survive and Voice was eventually defeated.

Voice would later join the Skeleton Crew and come into conflict with Captain America on numerous occassions. Sometime later a new person using the alias and costume of the Voice appeared in Miami and caused chaos at a local basketball game before being defeated by Scott Lang.

Powers and Abilities:

Voice has the ability to control people and make them do anything he commanded when he speaks.


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