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    Viz Manga is an English language publishing service for digital-only chapters of translated manga. It is separate from Shonen Jump (launched four-and-a-half years earlier) but functions mostly the same. Like Shonen Jump, its name is somewhat misleading to what it actually covers but where Shonen Jump is used for most Shueisha manga licensed by Viz, Viz Manga covers the Shogakukan licensed manga (Viz is owned in part by the two companies and has decades long-history with them). Shonen Jump's launch replaced an ongoing simulpub digital magazine and began an effort to simulpub all serializations in Weekly Shonen Jump. Viz Manga's launch in May 2023 mostly started with a very significant vault of previously-published material and only a handful of simulpub franchises which were all newly simulpubbed.

    While Shonen Jump's simulpub service picked up any new series from the current chapter directly, Viz Manga launched with significant backlogs going back months for any simulpub series but still had the similar problem of publication gaps between their latest volume release and earliest individually-released chapter. At launch there was no explicit focus on any one magazine or any clear attempt to simulpub an entire magazine, serializations that were simulpubbed came from Weekly Shonen Sunday, Monthly Sunday Gene-X, Big Comic Spirits, Cheese!, Shonen Sunday S, Betsucomi, MangaONE and Ura Sunday. The backlog had much more genre and demographic variety with no strict focus compared to Shonen Jump and thus some Shueisha-published manga was also added to the vault such as a handful of shojo manga from Bessatsu Margaret, Ribon or You.


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