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    Vivi is one of the main characters in Final Fantasty IX.

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    Final Fantasy IX

    Vivi is a young Black Mage, who was first seen in Alexandria, trying to sneak into the play 'I Want To Be Your Canary'. He managed to sneak in and see most of the play, but was eventually seen and chased by guards. Vivi ended up getting mixed in with a bunch of kidnappers and aided them in their escape with the Princess of Alexandria. Itisi revealed that the Princess wanted to go with them to seek help from her uncle and that it was her uncle who had hired the kidnappers in the first place.

    Vivi discovered that Alexandria produced Black Mages that look a lot like him. However, while most of them were mindless a few had "awoke" and went to create their own peaceful village. There Vivi found that the Black Mages at a certain point will die. He started to wonder if he would die too.

    Kingdom Hearts

    In Twilight Town there was a local rivalry between Seifer's gang & Roxas' group of friends. There, Vivi was a shy & quiet youth who hung around with Seifer's gang of friends. He was later possessed in an attempt to awaken Roxas to his former life as a member of Organization XIII.


    Vivi is a powerful Black Mage. He knows many offensive black magic spells including fire, ice, thunder, water, poison, demi (gravity), hp/mp drain, sleep, slow, stop, petrification and death.

    His appearance is based on that of the 'Black Mage' job class in previous Final Fantasy games.


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