Vivatma Visvajit

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    Vivatma Visvajit is a Indian version of the Iron Fist. He derives his power from Shiva, Hindu god of destruction.

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    Vivatma Visvajit meets Bei Bang-Wen in the Chapra jail in Bihar, India in 1860.

    He had been cut off from his chi (kundalini/prana) and his access to the Brahman had been thrown out of alignment. Ever since his lord, the Poet Emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar II, was exiled his kundalini would not ignite. He seeks to free his lord so that he can access his power again.

    Bei Wang-Wen listened to his story and was surprised at the similarities. They were both champions who derived their power source from holy beings.

    Together with Bei Bang-Wen they create a riot in the Chapra Jail and everyone in the prison flees. They run to the eastern shores and set sail to Burma to release Vivatma's Poet Emperor. When they arrive at the Poet Emperor's fortress they learn that it was a trap and that he had long been killed, murdered by the local demoness, Tiger Jani.

    Without a poet emperor to save, vivatma had no earthly purpose. Without a great sin to atone for, Vivatma had no more shame. His C-shaped serpentine scar began to glow on his face he was granted access to the strength of Shiva. He used his power as The Brahman to defeat Tiger Jani alongside Iron Fist.

    After Tiger Jani's defeat Visvajit reluctantly adopted the role of Emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar, giving his subjects a hero to fight for.


    When he connects to his prana (his chi) he grows 8 arms and his size grows to a giantesque size.

    He also grows a yellow glowing eye situated vertically and in the middle of his forehead.

    "When I connect to my Prana I connect to Shiva himself and am transformed by his power. That was how I defended and protected the innocent"

    He also refers to Shiva, his holy source as "The Brahman" and Bei Bang-Wen refers to Visvajit himself as The Brahman when he is in this form.

    In his empowered form "The Brahman" is able to infuse a dying Bang-Wen with his prana, merging it with Bang-Wen's dormant chi of Shou-Lao, healing him and perhaps ressurecting him or just bringing him from the brink of death.


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