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    In 2010 and 2011, Vito Delsante had made minor headlines after creating/co-creating almost 100 new superhero/villain characters for the 30 Characters Challenge (a month-long event where 150 writers and artists attempt to each create a brand-new character for each day in November) and the voluntarily releasing them into public domain under a Creative Commons license.

    Open Source Characters created by Vito Delsante

    An Open Source Character (OSC) is basically a character that was created, and immediately released to the Public Domain by the creator. Vito Delsante has created many OSCs, all of which can be seen on his creator page on the Public Domain Super Hero (PDSH) wiki. They are listed here exactly as they are listed on PDSH.

    Please note: The fact that OSCs are Public Domain means that they can be used by anyone in any media. While these are geared towards comics, please do not create wiki entries for these characters unless you are 100% certain that they have actually appeared in a comic.


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