Virman Vundabar

    Character » Virman Vundabar appears in 87 issues.

    One of Darkseid's most favored generals and servants, he is a member of Darkseid's Elite but remains an underling of Granny Goodness.

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    Doctor Virman Vundabar was an orphan who was born on Apokolips, the planet ruled by the tyrant Darkseid. Vundabar was brought up in an "orphanage" run by Granny Goodness as a harsh military school. It was Granny Goodness who named him Virman Vundabar and Vundabar patterned his life after the fantasies his mock Germanic name inspired in him. Vundabar developed a love for military precision and efficiency, and adopted the mode of dress, mannerisms, and lifestyle of the military leaders of the Prussia of 19th Century Earth.

    Deeply loyal to Granny Goodness, Vundabar became a military leader in Darkseid's elite. Granny Goodness sent Vundabar to Earth to kill Mister Miracle who had fled from Apokolips, but Mister Miracle escaped Vundabar's cunning trap. Vundabar then returned to Apokolips.

    For all his life on Apokolips, Virman Vundabar remained loyal to his leader, Darkseid, but that has never stopped him from trying to gain control of Apokolips in his absence. Once he cracked and tried to assassinate his lord. Without even looking over his shoulder, Darkseid knew what Vundabar had in mind. As soon as the military leader was within shooting range, Darkseid turned around and used his Omega Beams to get rid of him. Later Darkseid decided to resurrect Vundabar to, once again, lead his military. Vundabar spends more time currying to his master's favor than being and effective leader.

    All in all Virman is a master tactician. He also is good at hand-to-hand combat, but is on the down side due to his size. Most of the time he relies on his troopers to fight battles for him. Vundabar believes he deserves more power than he has. His niece, Malice, has the makings of being far deadlier and more effective than he ever was.


    • Height- 5' 2"
    • Wieght- 130lbs
    • Eyes- Blue
    • Hair- Black

    Major Story Arcs

    Justice League International

    When Lord Manga, of the Cluster, a galactic trading company, arrives on Apokolips wanting to trade the unconscious body of Mr. Miracle, Virman loved the idea but needed to check with Granny Goodness. But then when Virman learned that Manga wanted to trade Mr. Miracle for Boom Tube Technology he knew he'd need Darkseid's approval. So while Granny Goodness pretended to seek Darkseid's okay, Virman stayed with Manga. Then when Granny Goodness learns that Big Barda is on Apokolips and that Lord Manga lead her there she puts Virman in charge of seeing that Manga is "taken care" of. Virman locks Manga in cell and starts to make plans for him.

    When Darkseid learns what Granny Goodness and Virman are up to he gives Mr. Miracle back to the JLI and orders the nearest Parademon to bring Vermin and Granny Goodness to his quarters to "have a word" with them for going behind his back.


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