Virgin Mary

    Character » Virgin Mary appears in 147 issues.

    The mother of Jesus, and one of the most revered of Christian saints.

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    Mary's story is told closely alongside of the other majors characters in the Christian Bible.  As such she appears as a both a historical figure and one based heavily in religion/mythology.   


    As a real life character Mary was not created by any comic book artist, but rather appears in comic book stories which highlight key stories in the Bible.  

    Character Evolution 

    Paralleling the stories of the Bible, Mary is most often presented as a devoted wife and loving mother.   

    Major Story Arcs 

    Mary's story is essentially that of Jesus, the son of God, except as the background role of mother.   

    Powers and Abilities 

    These do not apply in a typical comic sense.  her story was told first in the New Testament where abilities of individuals do not parallel those of the modern day.  Nonetheless she is regarded as a normal woman by most accounts.  As a Christian saint she is presumably capable of more, by being able to hear the prayers of others.   


    As with the majority of the key Christian characters, the visage and personage of the Virgin Mary was Europeanized once Christianity spread to Europe.  Thus depictions of her as a fair skinned individual are not historically accurate, as she would have most likely been a darker skinned Arab.   
    In many cultures, the Virgin Mary took on a level of Mother Goddess.  After Christian missionaries proselytized them, they synthesized their previous beliefs with their new ones.  This left the Virgin Mary to replace the role which was provided by the the previous mother goddess role (often expressing fertility.)   
    As with most Christian figures, she has been depicted in modern days in ways which have been considered offensive to modern Christians.   
    She is generally associated with the light blue colour.

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